How to Add Victorian Character to Your Kitchen

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Are you after a kitchen that is fit for royalty? If the answer is yes, a Victorian-style kitchen will certainly suit your taste. The Victorian era is not only known for its contribution to literature and industrialization, but it’s famous for its fashion, art, and architecture. In fact, when you think of the word ‘Victorian’, architecture may be the first thing that springs to mind.

Many homeowners up and down the country use Victorian style as they believe modern kitchens look too artificial and plain. If you resonate with this, here are some ways you can add Victorian character to your kitchen.

Fit a False Chimney

For the Downtown Abbey fanatics, why not incorporate a touch of their stately manors into your own kitchen? You can achieve this by fitting a false chimney. Simply create a faux chimney breast on top of your range cooker, before tiling into the recess. You can use the space above to hide your extractor fan. This is sure to get guests talking!

Lay Down Tiles

When it comes to flooring, you’ll want to pick Victorian-style tiles from Victorian floor tiles are intricately designed and colored ceramic tiles. When arranged, you will be left with mesmerizing repeating geometric patterns that can transport your kitchen back in time! One of the great things about ceramic tiles is they’re invulnerable to stains, scratches, and moisture, which will add an extra layer of protection.

Concentrate on Cabinetry

Throughout the Victorian era, homeowners up and down the country avoided using lights for their properties because of rampant air pollution. This meant that many people opted for vibrant colors, even in the exterior of their homes. There are all kinds of darker colors you can use for your kitchen cabinetry, including black, maroon, and brown.

Pay Attention to Lighting

To really transport your kitchen back in time, you need to pay attention to the lighting. After all, what else can exude Victorian than by hanging a chandelier from the ceiling? For those who want a more simplistic approach, you may prefer to try a bowl chandelier instead. Chandeliers can create an even ambient light and if fitted in the right place, can command a presence like no other. If your heart isn’t set on a chandelier, you may prefer to hang a Victorian-style pendant instead.

Show Off Original Features

If your property was built in the Edwardian or Victorian period, you’ll likely have all kinds of original features still intact. For instance, if you have a high ceiling in your kitchen, why not add furniture that showcases the height of your room. Make sure you pay close attention to decorating corbels, cornices, friezes, and pilasters too. This is because these components were heavily used back in the day.

When tasked with designing a Victorian-themed kitchen, there are all sorts of ideas you can consider. Anything dating back to the 19th century can be incorporated into your kitchen today, which can give a vintage feel and exude classic style.



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