How Tech Will Help You Organize a Successful Music Event

Organizing a successful music event, concert, show, gig or festival on your own has never been so easy thanks to the various tech tools available at your disposal. When you organize your own event, you get to incorporate all the aspects that you need without any disappointments since you will not involve any event planner.

Just the thought of organizing an event is enough to make anyone without experience nervous.

However, if you are obsessed with music, pay attention to detail and know how to deal with different personalities then you should not be afraid to test these waters.

The following are ways to organize a successful music event as well as tech tips to help make your work easier.

Plan ahead

For any event to be successful, it needs enough planning in advance. This requires you to brainstorm ideas which will not only make your event successful but also meet the objectives which you intend to achieve.

Coming up with the objectives is also not easy and you will need to do your research well. For instance, you need to come up with the goals, what you intend to get out of those goals and the concept.

During planning, you will need to come up with your target audience, date, venue, tickets, equipment, advertising and so on. This may look very hard to handle but there is a way that you can make it as easy as possible using tech.

Event planners use event planning software which has a number of tools to help you plan your event in a timely and organized manner. You may not find a one fit all software but you can always look for one that is well suited to your event like Eventbrite, Whova All-in-One and Cvent among many others.

Find a venue and set the date

After planning, you will need to find a suitable venue and then set a suitable date for your music event. Suitable venues include a hall, wine bar, pub or any other space that you can rent.

When choosing one, it is important to consider its convenience, size and the price. When setting the date, ensure that you leave enough time to enable you to spread the word around and may be sell tickets.

As for the tickets, the easiest way is to design them using your own computer and then print them using an appropriate printing paper. Include the date, time and location of your event in the ticket and try offering some free tickets or raffles along with them as part of incentives.

Make use of online advertising

With the current tech advancements, advertising is no longer dependent on placing expensive billboards on the city streets. Start by posting your event on social media and even send personalized emails to your email contacts.

You will also need to advertise your event on your website and request your host venue to do the same. This may not be enough especially when you are targeting local attendance and in this case, you will need to design beautiful posters using one of the basic graphic design software. After this you print them for display on your chosen venue at strategic positions where people can easily see them.

Ensure you have the right equipment

The organization of any music event should focus more on music and sound because that is what it is all about. It would be wrong to mobilize a huge attendance, have an interesting place to host and then disappoint them with bad music. It is possible to host your event in a traditional venue with a good sound system and staff like security, bartenders as well as stage and production managers.

In this case, your main expense will be paying for the rent. However, if you are hosting your music event in other venues like a backyard, attic, basement, garage or record store, you will need to make arrangements for the equipment and the staff.

You cannot talk of organizing a musical performance or event without considering the riders and in this case, tech riders. This is especially when you are organizing a music festival, benefit concert, promoting a musician or just bringing together a bunch of bands.

In all these cases, you are expecting one or more musicians to turn up. So, unless you are organizing a big music event, those riders shouldn’t scare you at all as long as you have a suitable stage as well as good lighting and sound equipment.

Tech and sound is very important,and you will have to ensure that you have a good sound person and equipment because if the sound sucks, nobody will like the event even if you get the best band in the world to perform. So, ensure that you have excellent PA systems, PA speakers, microphones and corresponding stage gear. These are equipment that you can rent but ensure that the rental has good equipment and you can confirm that by looking at the reviews like MusicAuthority’s microphone reviews of the equipment they offer.

Do not forget the basics and essentials

Musical events will need the permits especially if you are hosting it in a public location. You might also need a liquor license because any music event will be incomplete without essentials like food, drink, first aid and bathrooms.  You may also want to think about non-musical entertainments between sets or in case of a technical difficulty.

Music events are not easy to organize because it is more than just booking a great venue and selling tickets. You need to put a lot of time and effort into it and be adventurous and creative enough so that you host an event that people will love and enjoy.

The success of music events also depends on the kind of equipment that you will avail because without it, every effort that you put will go into waste. This does not mean that you cannot organize your own music event successfully and confidence should come from the fact there are a variety of tech tools that you can use through the entire process.



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