Why We Love Bordered Rugs

If you are looking for a rug that can make a great impact, why not try a bordered rug? A traditional choice, there is no doubt that bordered rugs remain very popular. If you are not sure if this kind of rug is made for you, here you can find some benefits of bordered rugs and the reasons we love them so much.


 A Great Interior Design Asset

Rugs are great for tying up different elements of décor in a room. They are also great for defining areas. For example, in a big living room, a rug can help you separate the seating area from the dining area. The borders on a rug help create better definition and make the whole thing more balanced; they help to avoid a ‘floating’ look that makes things look out of place. All of these things help to design the room layout more effectively. Rugs can also help on the safety side, for instance rugs which have borders made of different materials will allow for neater edges and therefore can prevent people from tripping.


One great advantage of having a bordered rug is that it allows you to use more than one color without needing to use patterns and designs. They manage to incorporate multiple colors without looking busy and always keep a great balance. This is great when you can’t decide what color you want, and it can be great to accentuate other colors in the room or even contrast them. This helps mix colors in a fashionable and elegant way. The colors of a bordered rug can also help you to create color themes, making the rug fit in even more. Instead of accentuating them, you can add different colors with a bordered rug – but you still need to be sure the colors of the rug complement the color of the room well. The colors of bordered rugs are great for creating a focal point in a space, but they are also good in making another piece of furniture a protagonist. For instance, if you place a coffee table in the middle of a rug you will make it pop out, which is great to make a statement in your living room.

Border Types

There are different kinds of bordered rugs. There are rugs with one border, meaning there is only one border around the perimeter – this is perfect to make a statement and is the most common border type on a modern rug. Multiple borders are suitable when you are looking to accent colors. This allows for a more complex design in a room of multifaceted color schemes. If you are looking for a more minimalistic style, you should go for rugs that a have a thinner line border. In this instance, the border is further inside the edges,creating an amazing artistic effect. The advantage of this kind of rug is that the border is so thin that you don’t need to worry about matching the border with the color scheme of the room. Contrary to this minimalistic choice, you can also have traditional rugs that tend to combine many borders of different colors, patterns and sizes.


  1. Oh I really LOVE that modern rug. It’s the perfect size and perfect design that I actually really like. It would go great near my computer desk space for sure.

  2. I love border rugs. I like to use them to tie in colors with the room. These are so nice and a great reason to use them. Thank you so much for sharing

  3. i Have a bordered rug in my kitchen under my table. I love mine.

  4. Nice rugs. I am looking for one for my livingroom right now.

  5. I love having border rugs in my house. They sure brighten up the room.

  6. This looks nice love to own this

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