Hidden Gym Dangers You’ll Want To Avoid.

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The gym is lauded as the place to be to get into a healthy zone. Running on treadmills, swimming lengths in the pool and dominating the rock-climbing walls are all part of the fun of gym membership, but are you aware that the gym comes with a set of dangers that can leave you sick or hurt? Don’t worry – we have no intention of scaring you into avoiding exercise. As fun as that would be, you can probably talk yourself out of heading for a workout if you really don’t want to go!

The thing with exercise is that it can make or break your routines. Heading to a health club is a great way to get fit, and we fully support all aspects of health and fitness. However, like with anything good and wonderful in life, you need to be smart and careful with your choices. So, where lies the danger in heading to the gym on a regular basis? Explore Gyms Adelaide to get more precise information

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Locker Rooms

Locker rooms are often stuffy and warm, so this is an indicator they are also full of bacteria. People who shower without wearing flip flops and wear indoor shoes without covers are those that help the spread of bugs like MRSA. So, if you’re walking around after a shower with a cut on your foot, and happen to step on a dirty floor full of outdoor germs, you could find yourself quite ill!

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Weight-lifting Machines

One of the biggest contributors to the need for sports medicine is overdoing it during exercise. Using weight-lifting machines incorrectly is the perfect example of pushing yourself too hard. Before you start using any type of gym machinery, you should be properly shown how to use it by a professional personal trainer. Do not use anything heavier than you can manage and don’t go it alone; there is importance in having a spotter watch you!

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Cardio Classes

It doesn’t sound like something overly dangerous, but cardio classes can put you at such a high level of exhaustion very quickly due to the intensity of the classes. You need to be well stretched out and ready for both the cardio and weight portion of the classes, or you will end up injured and out of action for a few weeks to recover.

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The Bar

Every gym has a bar with smoothies and juices to be desired. The thing is, while you think you’re getting an amazingly healthy boost, you’re actually ingesting a LOT of sugar. These smoothies are also often made with protein powders and supplements, meaning that you are going to be drinking something that is not pure in the slightest. On your way home from your workout you could be ingesting more calories than you just burned off, without even knowing!

These dangers are something to be mindful about the next time you go on your workout. Warm up, get help and drink only water and you should be able to have an experience that makes sense for your health.




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