Great Gift Ideas for a Special Guy.

Men can be infuriating when it comes to special celebratory occasions; getting a guy to tell you what he wants can be akin to pulling teeth. If you’re looking for a gift idea for the special guy in your life, use this list filled with ideas sure to appeal to every personality type. Whether he’s stubborn or just really can’t figure out what he wants, these gifts are sure to ignite some inspiration for your shopping process.

Brew Your Own Beer Kit

If he’s the quintessential beer lover, he likely has a few favorite brands that are his tried and true. However, he hasn’t discovered his ultimate preferred brew yet—the one he makes himself. Any beer connoisseur will be entranced with the chance to make his own hoppy masterpiece in the comfort of his own kitchen, and he’ll love getting to show off his wares when guests come over for a sip or two. He might even find himself saving a dollar or two down the road; instead of running to the store for a six-pack, he can simply walk to his own refrigerator and pull out a fresh batch.

A Fancy Shaving Kit

Does he love a close shave? Is he still messing around with those drug store razors that seem to dull after the first use? Consider giving him a taste of upscale grooming with a kit from The Art of Shaving. These fancy-shmancy sets are sure to have him rocking smooth cheeks or a groomed beard that would put the most debonair man in the world to shame. Don’t forget the private region as well, buying the best shaver for balls would be a nice add on.

For the Sports Buff

If you’re dating a special someone that takes sports very seriously, and knows more stats about his favorite players than he does about any other subject, you can’t go wrong with a pair of tickets to an upcoming game you know he’d appreciate. Perhaps his favorite team is coming into town for a game, or maybe there’s a special championship a short road trip away. If you’re looking for gifts with no time to spare, be sure to check out StubHub to find some great last-minute deals. Maybe your guy is a star athlete, always working on his game. If that’s the case, new gear always comes in handy. If he tears it up on the basketball court, some creative basketball socks are the perfect way to appeal to his favorite hobby while serving a practical purpose. If he’s a tennis pro in the making, grab him a new racket from

A Book of the Month Club

Is your guy a literary buff? Do you constantly find him with his nose in a book? Sounds like a book of the month club is right up his alley, and yes it’s exactly what it sounds like. Sign up on a site like and he’ll receive a new title each month to appeal to his reading sensibilities. You know him best, and you can choose from a variety of genres to ensure he gets some literature that’s right up his alley.

A Trip Away

Everyone needs time away sometimes, and if he’s a travel lover, planning a special trip just for the two of you is sure to fit the bill for any occasion. Whether you book an Airbnb in a beachside town, pack up all of your camping gear for some nights under the stars in a local national park, or check out for great deals on five-star resorts downtown for an elegant staycation, your guy is sure to appreciate your attention to detail and efforts to plan a surprise trip catered to him.

Finding a gift for that special guy in your life doesn’t mean stressing and picking out the same old thing. Choose from this list of creative gift ideas and make sure your guy knows how much you love and appreciate him. Whether you’re celebrating his birthday, your anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, these gifts are guaranteed to be a hit.


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