Being a Good Parent for Your Child’s Oral Care

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There are so many concerns and things to remember as a parent that it’s difficult to get everything right. While you may be making an effort to keep them healthy overall, one area to make special note of is the need for good oral care for your children. Their teeth and gums need protecting from all the sugar from candy and soda, so they can grow strong and make their second (and last set of teeth) last well through adulthood eventually too.

Here are some tips on helping your children maintain their teeth and gums.

Regular Checkups Are Important

Children should have checkups at the dentist just like their parents. This helps to identify developmental problems early and possibly to correct them. Through a checkup, a dentist can see if some teeth are becoming crooked and would benefit from a set of orthodontic braces to fix the issue.

Also, there’s the possibility that a playground trip and fall could lead to a broken front tooth, in which case your local dentist will most likely rely on the services of a dental laboratory to create a pressable veneer ceramic or a crown. The dentist may use a large service provider such as Stomadent Lab to do this. A lab produces the dental fittings that your dentist relies upon. A provider like Stomadent Lab helps to reduce dental care costs because they have economies of scale for small dentists that don’t have their own production facility.

Double-Checking Who’s Brushing and Who’s Fibbing

Most children don’t enjoy brushing their teeth. The taste of the toothpaste isn’t wonderful, and some are even scared that they may accidentally swallow it. The younger the children, the more encouragement they’ll require to ensure they brush their teeth twice a day. As good parents, we may need to teach them and watch over them until they get into a reliable routine.

Limiting the Number of Sugary Treats

Tooth decay in children is now becoming a major problem. This can happen through not regularly brushing their teeth, but more often than not, it’s because of the excessive consumption of sugar-laden soda and candy.

For parents, this is a tough one. Kids will reach for the candy at the checkout in the supermarket and it’s hard to say no. Also, if you purchase cola or any other soda, then they learn from you. If you cannot resist it yourself, then at least switch to a sugar-free version. While there’s still some debate of the health benefits of sugar alternatives used in these types of sodas, it’s likely to be better than getting the full sugar and calorie hit.

For parents who care about the health of their kids, it’s easy to overlook oral care. Yet good teeth and gums begin at a young age (as does healthy eating and drinking habits) and continues into adulthood. Therefore, make sure you teach them good habits early on and set your children up for life.


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