14 Kid-Friendly Manga That Aren’t About Pokémon

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The past 20 years have seen a boom of appreciation for various cultures, particularly Japanese culture. The credit for that goes to the numerous animes and mangas of the Pokemon series.

You can promote the idea of reading to your anime-loving child by providing them with manga, which is basically Japanese graphic novels.

The Japanese culture teaches manners, discipline and other life lessons. That’s why you should at least give your child a chance to enjoy manga and learn about this beautiful culture.

Not all mangas are suitable for children and we must be very careful with what they’re reading. But, that doesn’t mean we are stuck with Pokemon forever!

Explore this list of Kodomomuke Manga (Japanese graphic novels) for children.

Captain Tsubasa

Kyaputen Tsubasa or Captain Tsubasa is a manga by Yōichi Takahashi. This classic is perfect for beginners. This manga follows a child’s dream of becoming a great soccer player who will win the Fifa World Cup for Japan.

This manga will teach your child about passion and drive. They will also learn about the importance of friendship and teamwork.


This widely popular manga was created by Fujiko Fujio. This story revolves around a time-traveling robot cat from the future. This cat was sent back o the past to ensure that a young boy called Nobita grows up well.

The character of Doraemon is the kind of imaginary friend every child dreams of. Your child will love this adorable and funny manga.

Happy Happy Clover

As you might have noticed, the majority of child-friendly mangas have a cuteness factor. Happy Happy Clover is another manga packed with adorable woodland creatures.

Created by Sayuri Tatsuyama in 2005, this manga revolves around the adventures of a bunny named Chima and her friends. If your child loves uncomplicated, gentle comedy, they will love this manga.

Chi’s Sweet Home

Just when you thought manga’s couldn’t get any cuter, enter Chi’s Sweet Home! This manga, written by Konami Kanata is about a lost kitten taken in by a young boy named Yohei Yamada.

This manga teaches your children how fulfilling it is to own and love your pet. It’s great for encouraging a love for animals.

Astro Boy

Astro Boy or Mighty Atom was created by Osamu Tezuka. It’s a more intense manga that deals with some serious, complicated issues. Astro Boy was created by Doctor Tenma to replace his son who passed away.

Some children are naturally more mature and have a more grown-up taste. If this sounds like your child, this manga is perfect for them. Even while dealing with some mature themes, this manga is kid-friendly.


Created by Kazuhiro Fujita and Mitsuhisa Tamura, this manga is suitable for older children. The plot unfolds when a boy living a boring life is taken into a world of adventures, where he has to fight monsters with monsters.

This kind of manga is widely popular with boys over the age of eight. If your child craves action and adventure, BakeGyamon is perfect for them.

Fairy Idol Kanon

Fairy Idol Kanon is a manga by Mera Hakamada. The plot follows a child named Kanon who dreams of becoming a singer. After meeting a fairy princess, her dream of becoming a pop star becomes a reality.

The target audience for this manga is little girls. If your child loves Hannah Montana, they will definitely love Fairy Idol Kanon.

Hikaru no Go

Hikaru no Go is the kind of manga that both you and your child will enjoy. Created by Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata, this story is about a boy who discovers a board game possessed by an ancient ghost.

This ghost helps him become one of the best Go players in Japan. Another story about passion for gaming, this manga will keep your child on edge.


Yotsuba is a manga created by Kiyohiko Azuma. The plot follows the daily life of an innocent and excitable young girl called Yotsuba.

Yotsuba’s view of life can inspire your child to live with enthusiasm. This gentle comedy is much loved by children.

The Big Adventures of Majoko

The Big Adventure of Majoko was created by Tomomi Mizuna, Machiko Fuji, and Mieko Yuchi. Another story about fantasy and magical powers, this manga is like Ultra Maniac for children.

The plot follows the magical Majoko who flies into the life of Nana and turns her life into an adventurous rollercoaster ride.

Dinosaur Hour

Dinosaur Hour has to be one of the best mangas for children. Created by Hitoshi Shioya, this graphic novel shows dinosaurs in the funniest light.

The story takes some of the toothiest predators from the past and turns them into the silliest beings. Your child will have many laughter-filled hours reading this manga.

Fluffy, Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls

Heavy on the cuteness factor, as the title suggests, Fluffy Fluffy Cinnamon Roll was created by Yumi Tsukirino. It’s about a puppy named Cinnamoroll that came from the clouds and started living at a bakery.

If that doesn’t give you a sweet tooth: Cinnamoroll’s arch-nemesis is called Cavity. Almost too sweet to handle, this manga is great for kids!


If your child is scared of monsters, then this manga is just for them. Cowa takes three scary monsters and turns them into cute and often silly characters.

Created by Akira Toriyama, this story really makes a joke out of all three “monsters” in the story. Light and hilarious, this manga can break your child’s fear of monsters.


This 2009 manga pairs up two unlikely characters in a wholesome and funny adventure. Created by Satsuki Yosino, the story follows a young calligrapher called Seishu Handa who was temporarily banished to a rural island.

Handa is faced with Naru and her equally mischievous little friends. This manga appeals to children of all ages.


Reading Manga is a great hobby for your children to adopt. If your child enjoys manga, they will definitely grow up to love animes too.

Kids can learn a lot of things from manga, and not just about the Japanese culture but also life ideologies. So, don’t just stick to Pokemon, explore the wonderland of mangas out there too!


Photo by Ashley Jurius


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