Going Above and Beyond: Making Sure Your Home and Family are Safe

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To most, the home is the safest place you can be. Your house is designed to provide shelter and protection from the many threats, dangers, and risks that lie just outside the front door. While installing home security systems and fire detectors is a great line of defense, burglaries and fires aren’t the only dangers or threats lurking in and around your home. If you want to ensure that your loved ones are in a safe and decent environment, you’ll need to go above and beyond the basics.

Trips and Falls
One of the most common occurrences in the home is a trip and fall. Accidents are bound to happen, but an unsafe home can make them more likely. Causing both short and long-term injuries, it is ideal to reduce the risk of someone tripping or falling by:
  • Reinforcing railings
  • Repairing any damaged stairs or flooring
  • Securing loose carpeting
  • Installing window guards on all windows (especially those that children or seniors can easily access it and fall out)
  • Install grab bars in bathrooms and non-slip mats in the tub
  • Add safety gates to stairways to prevent children or seniors from falling
  • Invest in types of furniture like lift chairs for seniors or family members with mobility issues to reduce the chances of falling as they try to stand.


Children are inquisitive beings. They will try to get into everything, even things that aren’t good for them. Often found in the household, but common in poisoning cases are things like cleaning products, personal care products, medicines, vitamins, and plants, homeowners must come up with effective ways to shield their children from these dangers. Some advice might include:

  • Place all chemical-based products on high shelves or invest in cabinet locks
  • Store all medication, vitamins, and supplements in a secure medicine cabinet
  • Make sure that all products are properly closed
  • Make sure that all products remain in their original packages and are properly labeled to reduce the risk of confusion and consumption.

Fires and Burns

Of one of the scariest risks in the house, the potential of a house fire or burns is high in the home. While most would assume that open flames were the main culprit and rectify the matter with a fire alarm, there is more to it. Below are some things you can do to prevent home fires or burns:

  • Keep your water temperature at 120 degrees to prevent burns
  • Minimize the use of front burners on the stove as children can easily reach them and get hurt
  • Invest in auto shut-off appliances for those set it and forget it moments
  • Keep space heaters at least three feet away from flammable materials
  • Have your electrical and heating systems inspected periodically to ensure they’re efficient and to detect any cause for concern.

Environmental Toxins

You may believe that the air in your home is a lot cleaner than the polluted air you breathe outside, however, this may not be the case. There are a lot of toxins that can be present in the home that can cause adverse effects on you and your family’s health. This can include anything from respiratory issues to cancer. Some of the most common toxins found in the home include mold, asbestos, lead, carbon monoxide, and radon. Here’s how you can reduce the presence of these toxins in your home:

  • If your home was built prior to 1980, you’ll need to have it inspected for asbestos. It can be found in insulation, floor tiles, and ceiling tiles. If detected, it should be removed by an expert.
  • Inspect your home for mold. Especially in dark places like the attic or basement. REmove the mold yourself or hire a professional if it is extensive or harmful like black mold.
  • If your home was built prior to 1970, you should use a home lead paint test kit. If lead is in the paint you will need to have it removed and a fresh coat added.

Securing your loved ones at home goes well beyond the measures of installing a security system, adding lighting, and reinforcing windows. While keeping your family safe from the outside world is a good priority to have, you must also focus on how to protect them from dangers that lurk inside the home. The above-mentioned tips will get you started on making a safer, more comfortable home for those you care about.



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