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Could You Give Up Those Unhealthy Vices? Here’s How To Do It

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When it comes to unhealthy habits in our lives, I am sure that many of us will agree that we possibly have at least one thing we know isn’t so good for us. It can completely vary from one person to the next. One person may smoke cigarettes, another might be too reliant on alcoholic drinks. It might be that someone is addicted to junk food or sugary snacks. We can all have our vices, but often it is highlighting them and knowing what to do to be healthier that can often be the biggest struggle. I wanted to share with you some of the ways that you could give up those unhealthy vices.

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Go cold turkey

The hardest but perhaps the most effective way would be to go completely cold turkey. By this we mean giving it completely, straight away, no gradual process just stop. It takes the most will power to do it, and can often be the hardest thing. But it can also be one of the best things that you do. This can work but you do also need to think about your health, and if your body is used to a substance then denying it could cause serious harm. If you are planning on doing this speak to a health professional first.

Look at ways to help you give them up

A more gradual process is a very popular for people when it comes to cutting down or giving up certain vices. For example, people who smoke are turning to alternatives like vaping to help them kick the habit. Trying things like blu e-cigs or herbal liquids for different affects. Other ways you can reduce things would be with alcohol, for example, not buying it or having the temptation in your home. The same can be said for your diet and the things you eat.

Seek help through support groups

Often we can’t do things without the support of others. It can be a lonely road which is why support groups can be really beneficial. This works for giving up things like smoking or alcohol, but it can also help for lifestyle changes like your diet, especially if you want to lose weight.

Try therapy and changing your mindset

Therapy and the way you approach things can help you change and see things in a different way. It might be that you associate the vice with a particular thing in your life. For example, if you are stressed out or upset you may reach for that glass of wine. If you are depressed you may want to eat junk and sugary snacks to lift your spirits. Working out what you associate with the vice and your behavior can help you to make some positive changes.

Change your overall lifestyle

Finally, a simple change of your lifestyle could be the ideal tonic for ridding yourself of bad vices and habits. That might be exercising more, taking care of yourself and generally living your best life. Diet, exercise, drinking more water, it can often be the simple things that make the biggest of differences.


I hope that this has inspired you to maybe give up any unhealthy vices and habits that you have.


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