7 Best Small Tools to Have at Home

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Even if you don’t consider yourself much of a DIY guru, there comes a time when you have to finally put in some elbow grease to get the job done. Whether you own your home or you’re renting, sometimes you just need to fix things yourself if you want them done right. There’s no need to run out and spend a lot of money on an extensive collection of specialized tools, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some of the smaller things in your home already.

Do you have these 7 small tools in your home already? If not, it might be time to take a trip to the hardware store. It’s always better to have them handy so you don’t have to worry about how to fix something on your own without the right gear.

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1. Screwdriver Set

You probably have one or two screwdrivers around your home already, but you might not have a full set. These little tools come in handy from everything to building furniture to cracking the lids of metal paint cans. The best part is they’re really affordable, so there’s no excuse to not have a full set. If you’re low on space, you can buy the type that comes with removable heads so you can switch as needed. There’s nothing worse than going to screw something in only to realize your screwdriver doesn’t fit.

2. Tape Measure

How many times have you been caught trying to measure something with your arms or even your hands? While it’s simple, it isn’t exactly accurate to use your body as a measuring tape when you could just have one on hand. You’ll use them for everything from buying furniture to painting, and they’re easy to find at any home store. For added flexibility, find a cloth measuring tape to use for more unusual shapes.

3. Duct Tape

From patching up your car to keeping stacks of paper together, there’s nothing this magical tool can’t do. Duct tape will stick to just about anything, and it’s thickly woven so it’s perfect for repairs. While you should always hire a professional to fix things like broken pipes or parts of your home, duct tape can help patch things over in the meantime. You might even be inspired to start a new duct-tape themed project since they’re perfect for crafting!

4. Flashlight

How many of us actually have flashlights anymore? No, they’re not a thing of the past. While your phone might work as a flashlight when you’re trying to find the light switch in your bedroom at night, it’s not heavy-duty enough for DIY repairs or even emergency situations. Look for a flashlight that’s not too heavy and that has a long battery life. Not only are these a must for places that frequently lose power due to storms or blizzards, but they’re really useful for looking under your stove or other dark places.

5. Watch Repair Kit

While not many of us use wrist watches anymore, there are a surprising number of uses for these watch repair kits. The small parts make them ideal for fixing your favorite pieces of jewelry without having to go to a dealer, and you might find yourself reaching for the kit for all kinds of projects. Most repair kits come equipped with pliers, small tweezers, and more which you can use for just about anything. Plus, if you have an actual watch, it’s even more useful.

6. Utility Knife

This isn’t just something given to boy scouts and overnight campers. Utility knives are perfect around the house too. Are you tired of using kitchen knives to open boxes? Not only is that dangerous, but it doesn’t bode well for the life of your other knives. Look for a utility knife that comes with extra blades so you never have to worry about it going dull when you need it most. From opening boxes to sharpening pencils, it does it all.

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7. Metal Level

Tired of hanging crooked photos? Anyone who’s ever tried to eyeball the straightness of hanging art or photos knows how hard it is to get right without a tool. A metal level will make sure you get your pictures right the first time, and you can use it for a lot of other projects like installing furniture or laying flooring. While you can get a plastic one, a metal level will last a lifetime.

What tools do you have around your home? If you’re missing any on this list, it’s time to get serious. You don’t have to be a DIY expert or home-improvement pro to find these smaller tools useful. It’s always important to be prepared, and you can’t always anticipate when you’ll need a battery-powered flashlight or a mini screw driving. It’s best to have these things on hand and ready to go whenever the need strikes.


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