A Baby Boomer’s Guide on How to Travel Light and Easy

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Going on a trip requires a lot more planning than just booking a plane ticket and packing a bag. Having a successful trip needs weeks or even months of preparation, more so if it’s a long trip. For the older generation especially, there are additional conditions that come into play when making plans to travel. Being older comes with a bit more health concerns, scheduling issues, and a lot of other responsibilities. If flying domestically, for example, it is vital to choose a method that will reduce most of the stress by sticking to a reliable means like Mango Flights, so that you can focus the rest of your energy and time on other more pressing concerns and also having a good time.


If unsure on where to begin, this guide will offer you a few pointers on making the best of your trip. It can be used as a checklist to make sure you have all the grounds covered for the vacation that you deserve. Provided are a few guidelines to help you out.


1. Make Sure Your Documents Are in Order

Being older means that you’ve had that passport for a long while, remember to check that it is still valid and whether you need to renew it. Do this now and then even when you aren’t exactly planning a trip so that it can be ready by the time of your travels. Depending on where you’re going, you might need a visa, be sure to confirm on this beforehand.

2. Technology Is Your Friend

With all the apps available right now, you can make all your bookings from the comfort of your home. No need for those long lines, you can book for the tickets and even the hotels through your phone and see reviews to help you make the best decisions.

3. Pack Light

Luggage only adds stress when you’re traveling. You don’t need all your clothes, carry a few items per the weather conditions of where you are visiting. Carry your most comfortable clothes and shoes.

4. Different Sources of Money

It is essential to carry cash but also a credit card or debit card or any other way that you can pay with. Be prepared for some places that accept a specific payment method.

5. Working Electronics

Before leaving make sure all the devices you’re going to use on the trip are in perfect working conditions. Carry a charger and power bank for your phone or tablet. And don’t forget that camera, you’ll need to capture some memories.

With this few instructions, you can now begin to plan your trip and make it work for you. Feel free to add things to the checklist in regards to other personal issues that will need your concentration. Being older doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy yourself, it just requires a bit more planning that will be all worth the while at the end of it.



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