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8 Natural Ways to Increase Metabolism and Lose Weight

Our metabolism and weight loss are linked together. A nutritious diet with calorie restriction and a regular exercise routine are the most important parts of weight loss. However, your metabolism determines the pace of your weight loss journey. Metabolic rate is the number of calories you burn at rest and convert into fuel. Each person is born with a unique metabolism. It depends on various factors such as muscle mass proportion, body size, gender, and mainly genetics. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely change your metabolic rate, but there are a few things we can do to boost it. As a person ages, their metabolism begins to slow down. Some diseases can cause your metabolism to decrease, as well. Thyroid, diabetes, and even high stress levels can result in a slower metabolism. While our metabolism is not entirely in our control, we have gathered a few natural ways that can increase your metabolism and help you to lose weight.


Drink More Water 

Water is essential for all the chemical reactions within our bodies. According to science, anybody who drinks enough water has a body that works more efficiently than those who stay dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water is the key to maximizing your body’s performance. However, the various advantages of water don’t end there. Water is also thought to be a good strategy to rev up metabolism. When you drink water, particularly chilled, your body uses extra energy to warm it up. As a result, you burn more calories and lose weight. Simply increase your daily water consumption by 1.5 liters to notice beneficial results.

Eat Enough Calories 

Skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do to your body. Extreme calorie restrictions may help you shed a few pounds in the beginning, but they are harmful to your health in the long run. Eating fewer calories can slow down your metabolism, as your body puts a break to the fat burning activities and begins to lose muscle mass at some point. Of course, we don’t encourage unnecessary and unhealthy food consumption; instead, eating modest, frequent meals can aid in weight loss, as well as speed up your metabolism. Having smaller meals is healthier for your metabolic health instead of larger meals. Although, your food choices would still play a crucial role, so avoid unhealthy meals.

Exercise While Building Muscle

While going on brief walks and meditation are great for your health, they are not ideal for boosting your metabolism. High-intensity interval training is a more effective way to increase your metabolism, as the impact of HIIT lasts for long hours after you have finished. So, your body will continue to burn calories for up to 8 hours after the workout is over. Our body naturally loses muscle as we age, but interval training can help you resist the loss and even build muscle. Muscle mass requires much more energy to be preserved, hence, it increases your metabolism.

Get Proper Sleep

Everybody has a busy schedule, which sometimes forces us to compromise on our sleep. Whether it is an exam or a TV series, nothing should get in the way of your sleep schedule. Sleep deprivation can disrupt the hunger hormones inside our bodies, for example, ghrelin and leptin. Ghrelin increases hunger and makes you eat more, whereas leptin lowers your food intake. Kathy Shattler, MS, RDN also confirmed that leptin regulates your hunger, hence it should be present in a moderate amount. When the body is not properly rested, these hormones are released. Therefore, lack of sleep leads to weight gain and a slower metabolism. So, the next time you decide to stay up late, remember the number of ways it can damage your body and metabolism.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea is already a famous drink for weight loss since it contains zero calories. Drinking a cup of the best green tea for weight loss in the morning rather than a sugary beverage will speed up your metabolism and help you to make your waist thinner. However, green tea alone will not make you lose weight, a healthy diet and regular exercise are still crucial. Green tea can make your body burn more fat while increasing your metabolic rate. So, 2 to 3 cups of green tea a day can be beneficial for your health.

Reduce Your Stress Levels 

Stress can lead to a variety of problems in our life. Research has found that higher levels of stress can cause your metabolic rate to slow down. Cortisol, the main stress hormone in your body, can increase your appetite and lead to weight gain. High levels of cortisol can make you crave unhealthy and sugary food, which can easily slow down your metabolism. Stress also has a negative effect on digestion and absorption of food. So, try your best to keep your mind relaxed and avoid stress.

Try Protein-rich Diets

Protein takes more energy to digest than other food groups, making you feel full for a longer time. Eating a diet packed with protein can help you avoid binge eating and provide the necessary nutrients to your body. Protein increases your muscle mass and results in increasing your metabolism. Including eggs, lean meat, oatmeal, and other protein-rich foods can help you lose weight, as they are excellent for your metabolism. You can also find powdered protein on sale to use in shakes if you’re on the go and need a quick intake of protein.

Drink Coffee 

It is not easy to get out of bed in the morning, but coffee always helps. Well, it turns out that coffee offers other benefits too, such as boosting your metabolism. Coffee is rich in caffeine, which increases your metabolic rate by 3-11%. So, drinking a cup of coffee can boost your metabolism which contributes to weight loss, as well.


These natural ways can easily speed up your metabolism and aid in weight loss. However, it is important to be consistent in your efforts and include these suggestions in your daily routine. Avoid fad diets and always approach a healthier way to lose weight. Your metabolism and health should not suffer as a result of your weight loss.



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