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Friends are a part of your family that you choose yourself. Thus, this makes a friend’s wedding an important occasion and something close to your heart. Today, with the COVID-19 pandemic being around, social distancing has become the new normal and the concept of big fat Indian weddings has become a far-fetched thing. 

In this article, we would be talking about the concept of Indian weddings in the United States and different outfit ideas while buying Indian clothes online in the USA.

Indian Weddings in the USA

The year 2020 has become the year of small-scale celebrations. Weddings and similar occasions are now being limited with only a few dear ones being invited. Thus, if your best friend has chosen you to be among the limited list of guests, it is indeed a moment to be happy.  

Intimate weddings can be considered as the order of the day. Today, while one should take every step for being safe from the coronavirus outbreak with the help of pretty masks as well as effective sanitizers, another thing that should not be ignored is your wedding wardrobe. This is something that also needs a little more and better attention. This becomes all the more important if you are a bridesmaid as you need to make an impact on others while keeping the outfit in tune with the new wedding ambiance. 

However, before you start searching for Indian ethnic clothes online in the USA  for the next wedding, go through the below ideas for getting the perfect Indian wedding look.

Outfit Ideas for a Friend’s Wedding in the USA

While dressing up for a friend’s wedding, one needs to look their best. Below are some outfit ideas that you can refer to while buying Indian clothes online in the USA:

  1. The Simplicity Mantra

Home weddings that are happening these days comprise of a few people and modest moments. They are mostly devoid of the usual wedding splendor. This means that one must replace the brocades as well as heavy lehengas with cotton blends, soft silks, as well as minimalistic details. 

Generally, a printed floral lehenga choli made from light fabrics are sure to go. One can even go for a plain floor-length Anarkali suit. Where elegance and style are festive essentials, one cannot ignore comfort level. Thus, it is best to choose an outfit that is simple and comfortable.

  1. Twinning and Color Codes 

One of the best ways of raising the vibe of an occasion is color-coding. The surroundings are generally subdued in festive noise and décor noise. However, since the ceremonies today have a modest look, it is advisable to take the outfit easily, coordinating with the theme of the bridesmaid look. Pastels, ivory, soft blush, as well as light metallic hues, are the most sought-after colors.

  1. Jewelry for the Occasion

In most of the cases, the selection of the dress takes up the most time and attention. However, for a complete style statement, one needs to pay attention to every detail, especially the accessories. The sparkle of the right Indian traditional jewelry is sure to add scores to wedding attire. 

Colorful Meenakari jewelry, or rich Kundan sets as well as diamond-studded jewelry looks best with Indian ethnic outfits. However, for an intimate wedding, one can opt for two pieces of jewelry instead of an ornamental indulgence. Thus, even a pair of statement earrings, head-chains, or a maang tika would work.

  1. The Blouse Effect

In case the guest list is limited, the outfit details matter more. Since weddings today are taking place in a small venue, one should stick to an easy-breezy ensemble. The best choice can be an Indian saree for such occasions. This brings attention to the saree blouse that can revamp the entire look of an individual at an intimate wedding.

One can go for an understated drape such as a plain chiffon saree and pair it with a spunky designer blouse. This is a fail-safe way as it helps you in standing out as a glamorous bridesmaid! You can complete the look with soft curls and limit the accessories to heavy danglers or simple hand jewelry. 

  1. Smart Hair-dos

Wedding celebrations are a perfect time to experiment with your hair. One can go for beautiful braids or messy buns and leave behind the idea of loose strands. One can add a flower to the hair-do for giving an overall vintage feel to the bridesmaid look.


One needs to make appropriate changes while adjusting to the new normal of celebrations. This will not only keep you up-to-date in your fashion quotient but also help you in accentuating it. 


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