Get a Free Promotional Family Holiday with CLC World Travel Centres!

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CLC World promotional holidays have been getting some buzz lately with concern about being a scam. The good news is that the offer is completely legitimate and provides exactly what is said. In return for a day of your time to hear a presentation, CLC World is giving away 7-night stays at a few choice locations available out of over 20 offered! Signing up is simple, too, just include your contact information and destination preference online on their official website.

If the name isn’t familiar, CLC World Resorts & Hotels is a European company with resorts, hotels, and even estates all over the world available for purchase or renting. They have a large member base and offer several benefits and experiences for those booking through their members club. Each resort destination prides themselves on the interactive experience from signature restaurants to exciting activities available to the residents.

In hopes of gaining new members and renters to join their growing base of dedicated residents, CLC World has begun to offer promotional holidays to potential members! They hope that by giving you the chance to see for yourself what it’s like being a part of CLC World, you’ll be eager to join the fun! For this free CLC holiday offer, you’re given the choice of three different resorts to choose from, featuring some of their resorts in exotic, sunny, beautiful places around the world from Spain to Turkey.

Marina del Sol

Enjoy Spain in all of its glory in Costa del Sol. With 21 swimming pools, 5 restaurants, and over 15 exciting places to visit, you’ll have a busy week with your choice of this resort. There is a club for smaller children as well, Team Marina, and they offer plenty of educational and fun activities for your kids to enjoy while you relax at the spa! The Marina del Sol may be one of their best destinations, with over 700 positive reviews on TripAdvisor and counting!

Paradise Club

Get a healthy dose of the warm sunshine at Tenerife’s location of choice, the Paradise Club. Just minutes away from the best attractions in the area and rated #1 on Costa Adeje based on genuine TripAdvisor Reviews, your time will be well-spent in the resort. Featuring two swimming pools, a giant playground with activities for adults as well as kids, and plenty of beautiful places to soak up the sun, you’ll get all you want and more from one of the best Spanish islands.

Kusadasi Golf & Spa

Visit Turkey to experience the pleasures offered to you by the Kusadasi resort. It is known for it’s 18 hole golf course, which is raved about on review sites and enjoyed by the many members who enjoy their stay at the resort. In addition to the beautiful sights and swimming pools, their Kusadasi resort offers a beach club and a team dedicated to providing exhilarating entertainment for you and your whole family.


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5 thoughts on “Get a Free Promotional Family Holiday with CLC World Travel Centres!

  • I hadn’t heard of CLC World Resorts. I’d love to win something like that, I love travel and would like to see the world.

  • What a great idea and amazing locations to choose from as well. Would be tough to decide which location. I like the idea that you can try it out and decide if it’s the right place and program for you.

  • This would be so awesome, the whole family is so ready for a good holiday vacation!

  • We would love to do a free promotional family holiday! My husband’s eyes bugged out when he saw the photo above! It’s so beautiful. Definitely wouldn’t mind having a family vacation there!

  • How cool with that be? I love the idea of a free promotional family holiday! I need a little break away from life, pretty sure my kids need one too!


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