5 Fun San Diego Activities the Entire Family Can Enjoy

San Diego has to be one of the best vacation spots in the world, whether you’re single or married, young or old, or child-free or not. There’s plenty for children of all ages to enjoy in the San Diego area, starting with the pleasant weather that makes the area so inviting. Even in the coldest months, you won’t be stalled out from your plans by ice or snow. Here are five activities that everyone in your family can enjoy.


Private Boat Charters

The San Diego Zoo might be the most popular place to find animals, but whale watching San Diego is a popular activity. The best times to see the whales are from November to May when they’re moving toward the equator for warmer waters from the north. A private boat charter to enjoy the ocean is a great family activity any time of year. You’ll not only spot whales, but other marine life, sea lions, seals and dolphins. Experience the ocean from a different perspective to get a new perspective.

Tide Pools

La Jolla probably has the best tide pools San Diego. The best season for tide pooling is from December to March, because the minus tides uncover the tide pools. You’ll need to check the tide charts for times of the low or minus tides to get to the tide pools at the optimum time. Birch Aquarium hosts tide pool tours, but you can enjoy the tide pools without going through the aquarium. Clams, snails, mussels and sea anemones are commonly found in the tide pools. Wear close-toe shoes that won’t slip on the rocks and sand. During the cooler months, you may need a jacket.

San Diego Beaches

Even in the coolest months, you’ll still find dozens of activities on the San Diego beaches. You can fish off the pier without a license. Rent fishing equipment from local vendors. You’ll also find rentals for other water equipment, kayaks, canoes, scuba diving and much more. In some locations, you can rent bicycles for a fun way to explore the community. There are plenty of parks with volleyball, tennis and basketball courts, playground equipment and picnic tables.

Sport Events

The San Diego Padres might be the most popular professional team in the city, but you’ll find all types of sporting events throughout the year. Even if you don’t follow baseball, catching a game at Petco Park can be fun for everyone in the family. You’ll experience baseball in a new light. Watching the game firsthand is a lot different from watching it on TV. Go with the total experience and enjoy a hot dog with your game.

Historical Sites

If you’re into rock music, trains or Legos, you’ll find a museum or historical site that will interest your family. San Diego is full of great places to explore history, heritage and culture. After your museum tour, you’ll want to look for a historical restaurant to soak up the beach culture. Skip the national chains and look for a place that serves up local cuisine, especially seafood or Mexican food.

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