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How to decorate your bathroom with wicker baskets

No doubt, wicker baskets are now increasingly becoming popular because there are many things you can use them for. Think about this, you can place a wicker basket collection in your bathroom to create appealing, functional, and cohesive space. 

Besides visually looking great, wicker baskets for bathroom can also provide storage space that usually lacks in a bathroom. Toiletries, towels, and tissues all require to have special storage space, especially in guest bathrooms. So storing these items in wicker baskets provides the room enough tidy feel while giving you easy access to them. This post explains how to decorate your bathroom with wicker baskets.

Open storage bench

Either an open and narrow bench or bookcase can offer wicker baskets as a holding area. You can find some bookcase-style and storage benches that even come with wicker baskets. Therefore, you can use these pieces of furniture to store washcloths, soaps, towels, and even bathroom appliances like styling irons and hair dryers. 

However, make sure that these appliances are entirely cool before storing them in a wicker basket. Even better, you can use the other spaces that don’t have a wicker basket, such as atop a bookcase for decorative items like a framed picture or vase.

Create a spa-like environment

Remember that a spa-like environment in your bathroom can create an air of relaxation, pampering, and comfort. Hence, put wicker baskets in white fabric towels near the tub. You can put another wicker basket with white fabric lining, scented bath salts, a relaxing pillow, and oils within reach of your tub. 

Then you can add a large and square lidded basket that has slippers and bathrobes or extra towels and washcloths to the area. To complete the ambiance, take a small wicker basket with travel luxury soaps, toiletries, and shampoos. 

Cottage-style bathroom

A wicker basket fits naturally in a cottage-style bathroom that has blue and white lights or features antiqued furnishings and decor. This style is particularly great with whitewashed wicker baskets. To get a seaside cottage appeal and feel, you need to put antique glass or seashell net floats in one or two wicker baskets.

Then you can place frosted sea or beach glass. But to get that shabby chic appeal, you can line a whitewashed wicker basket with blue and white checked fabric or white fabric, and put toiletries, towels, and extra tissue rolls. You can mix the wicker baskets with items, such as vintage apothecary jars that hold travel-sized toiletries and cotton swabs. Further, to have a bathroom classic, you can fill a wicker basket with magazines in the available spaces. 

As you can see, there are various ways you can use wicker baskets to decorate your bathroom. Some people even opt to add multiple towel racks to a wall, and place them above one another in the same way rungs hang on a ladder. The good thing is that there are always several creative ways you can come up with to decorate the bathroom with wicker baskets.


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