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How to get the body you always dreamed of!

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There is enough info out there about dieting and exercising, so we don’t need to mull over the basics that you’ve heard time and time again. What I want to share are some little-known facts about weight loss and dieting that you might find really helpful. Interested? Read on!

Lose weight as you sleep

To help speed up your metabolism, you should sleep at least seven hours a night. Your body restores its strength when you sleep, which helps improve digestion.

The importance of cardio

Cardio is a very important part of getting your dream body. It speeds up your heart rate, giving the body more oxygen, which your muscles need. Make sure you get on the treadmill for at least 15 minutes before the strength exercises to speed up your metabolism. Go running or take an aerobics class. Cardio offers the added benefit of improving your hormonal balance. It can help beat depression and fatigue. It will reduce your appetite – paradoxically, but it does. You burn off calories yet consume less than you would if you didn’t burn calories (if you weren’t doing cardio). It has something to do with the hormones cardio releases.

Cardio is a great mood stabilizer. You’ll be more positive once you get used to doing it and feel better. You’ll also have more energy that you did before. This is due to the stress relief benefits of this activity. There are certain types of cardio which also have advantages after a tough gym session, in particular, strength training and weightlifting.

Cardio can also prevent muscle soreness and help rebuild your muscle tissue. Take a moment to read more here at Maxi Climber Full Body Workout Reviews


This isn’t directly related to weight loss, but I want to point out that walking properly is good for your self-confidence, and that in turn relates to body image. If you are more careful about how you’re walking, you’ll naturally be more graceful. Don’t look down at the ground as you walk because you’ll start suffering from neck pain. Stand tall and hold your head up.

Experimenting with your diet

The AdvoCare 24 Challenge diet is very interesting, strict yet flexible. If you’re curious to know what it is, I’ll tell you all about it. With this diet, you can eat as much ground beef, turkey, chicken, lobster, fish, eggs, and tofu as you want. You can’t eat bread though.

There is plenty more info here at – go ahead and give it a read. When trying to lose weight sustainably, there can be many challenges. I want to assure you that you are perfectly capable of achieving the body of your dreams. All you need to do is remember that being fit is not a goal and should not be perceived as such. It should be a journey, a way of life. All successful diets involve a permanent lifestyle change, like learning to eat less and more often, not skipping meals, not reaching for a bag of chips when you get upset, but going out for a walk or jog instead, and lots more.


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8 thoughts on “How to get the body you always dreamed of!

  • I love these tips that you’ve shared! I especially love the part about posture. I think it really helps a lot and what you said makes so much sense. Not only does having the right posture help our bodies but it also makes us look more confident!

  • Will we also lose weight if we don’t sleep at least 7 hours? This is a new learning for me. Getting the dream body entails maintaining the right amount of food for diet plus regular cardiovascular exercise.

  • I have dropped 8 pounds in 5 weeks just by cutting out breads, pasta, rice and some cheeses. I don’t eat fried anything anymore. We do give ourselves one cheat night a week and then I can still indulge i my favorites. I am not good with my posture though.

  • Sleep is so important! I didn’t realize how much so until I hit a plateau with my weight loss a couple of months ago. Someone suggested going to bed a little earlier every night. Low and behold .. I started losing again. I’m glad you pointed out that no matter the diet .. if we’re not following some basic common sense guidelines .. we’ll never be on track.

  • Can I stop and getting 7 hours of sleep? 🙂 Right now I’m coasting on 5, but working on improving that. While I do hate to exercise, I do try to walk as much as possible and always take the stairs.

  • I recently joined a gym, and it’s been rewarding! Great tip on doing 15 minutes of cardio prior to strength training! I shall incorporate that into my workouts! Thank you for posting this! It seems I’m always looking for tips and ideas on what to do for daily routines.

  • I hadn’t thought about posture, but I love that. I am fairly slim by nature, but I’m not fit. Being fit is the body I dream about – and I do think it’s within my reach. I need to start and then hope I won’t stop. And of course, sleep is an important one.

  • I am on the journey to try and get my dream body. My issues are with the food I’m putting in my! I love bread and rice and many times I don’t eat 5 or 6 small meals like I should. I also didn’t know that cardio actually help you eat less, which is awesome, because I love cardio!


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