Why Finding Love is Best Done While Travelling

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The summer months are known for two things: travel and romance. The two are becoming increasingly intertwined, as more and more couples now meet while on vacation or while traveling. There’s a lot of reasons why so many of us tend to find romance in the most unlikely places. While we’re on the road, the hot weather gets our hormones going, everyone looks a million times more attractive in swimwear, we tend to drink a lot more on vacation… the list is endless. Although finding love while traveling can at first seem more of a hindrance than anything else, given concerns about whether or not you’ll actually see your love interest again back home, there’s plenty of benefits to it, even if it’s just a fling. Here’s why you should be looking for love next time you’re traveling.

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It’ll Broaden Your Horizons

Travel by definition is something that opens our minds and broadens our horizons. Meeting new people, especially in a romantic context, in a foreign city or country is guaranteed to be an enriching experience, however it pans out. Going out with a local in a new place is a great way not only to date someone different from the people you meet back home, but it’s also a way to get to know your new destination better. Date a local while on vacation and they’ll be able to show you all the hidden secrets a travel guide never could. Simply hop off the plane, open up Badoo on your phone and see who’s willing to show you a little local flavor. Wherever your travel destination is, exploring it together with a resident will make the experience a million times more enriching and, who knows, maybe you’ll end up moving there for them.

You’ll Find Someone with Similar Interests

If you’re looking for love while on vacation, you might surprise yourself with just how easy it is to find someone with the same interests, even if you’re on the other side of the world. Chances are you’ll be around people who have traveled to the same place you have because they feel the same way about it. You’ll be more likely to find people who are just as cultural, adventurous and curious about the world as you are, which is a great start to any first date.

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You Can Re-Invent Yourself

One of the best things about traveling solo is that you get to become a totally blank slate. Leaving behind your home and going somewhere completely new allows you to be a completely different person, maybe more like the person you truly are, rather than what is expected of you. This tantalizing prospect makes dating all the more exciting, as you can push your boundaries and experiment with a new kind of confidence that you only get when no-one in the rooms knows who you are.

We all love a summer fling but finding a partner while traveling can be so much more than that. You might meet the love of your life and set yourself on a completely different path than the one you thought you were meant to follow – change is rarely a bad thing.


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