See All of Australia Without Breaking the Bank

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There are few countries in the world that can match Australia’s intoxicating mixture of pristine coastline and hip cities. Venture inland and you’ll find remote deserts. Travel to the northern extremes and you’ll find tropical rainforests that are home to an abundance of exotic wildlife.

Such variety has quickly turned Australia into one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Over nine million visitors flocking to her shores in the last year alone.

Seeing all the country has to offer in one visit, isn’t an easy task. Australia is big. Very big. It’s a country so large in fact, that it’s classed as a continent rather than an island. Over 2,000 miles separate the country’s western and eastern coastlines.

Making a trip that takes in all of what the county has to offer therefore requires planning.

We’ve come up with a handy list of tips for ways you can get around without breaking the bank, below: 

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If you’re planning on driving any great distances in Australia, hiring a car makes little financial sense. Most rental companies only offer a free daily driving allowance of between 50-125 miles. This can leave you little scope to explore without racking up a huge bill.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways of hitting the open road. Buying a second-hand vehicle on an online listing site or hitchhiking from location to location, are two others ways to move at your own pace. 

Nearly all of Australia’s spectacular National Parks are located hundreds of miles away from city locations, making transport a must-have.

Fuel is relatively cheap Down Under (around $1.09 in US dollars), but accommodation is not. It’s why campervans are a hugely popular choice for travelers of all ages.

Many backpackers sell their campervans at the end of a road trip, so it’s also worth emailing around local hostels to see if any are for sale. Travelers leaving the country could well be desperate to sell, putting you in an excellent bartering position.

Find Cheap Airfares

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Australia is served by a raft of budget airlines. Travel between the country’s largest cities is quick and relatively inexpensive (with the exception of Perth, which is isolated on the far west coast).

To get the best deals, book your flights around three months in advance. Doing so will mean you could pay as little as $30 Australian Dollars for a flight from Sydney to Adelaide.

This is a particularly good option if you’re short on time. Driving from Sydney to Melbourne on the fastest inland route takes approximately nine hours. Flying, on the other hand, cuts down that time to just an hour and a half. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Camp

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Whether you’re way out in the famous Australian Outback or in a city center, camping options are available wherever you look in Australia. 

Staying in a tent on a secure campsite will save you anywhere from $50-100 per night, depending on where you stay. Many are located on nature’s doorstep, leaving you just a short walk to the beach or to the nearest hiking trails.

Best of all, Australia’s public beaches are also handily equipped with free-to-use outdoor barbeques. Just make sure you put all your trash in the bins provided and stay to watch the sunset.



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