Family Quality Time Ideas – Try a Hot Tub.

The holidays are here, school’s in session and technology is constantly interrupting us. Our families have myriad distractions that make it challenging to schedule quality time.

We’ve all tried game night, family dinner night, and movie night with greater or sometimes lesser success. Here’s a new idea – hot tub night. A backyard hot tub may be the perfect place for families with children old enough for a soak to spend quality time together.


  • It’s relaxing. Whether it’s work stress or school pressures, the warm water of a hot tub can ease those stresses. And relaxed family members are more communicative family members.
  • No technology. No TVs, smartphones or laptops are coming into the hot tub. This may be one of the few places on earth where you can escape the distractions of technology.
  • It’s warm. Cooler weather has arrived in many parts of the country. Having the option to be outside and completely comfortable in the embrace of warm water is a terrific option.

In addition to quality time, there are a number of wellness-oriented reasons to own a hot tub – better sleep, recovery after exercise, increased circulation and more. Bottom line, there are fantastic health reasons to use your hot tub even when family members aren’t around.

What options are available? There’s an innovative new line from Hot Spring called the Highlife Collection NXT. This hot tub has style to spare. Most hot tubs we’re familiar with look like boxes full of water. Not the NXT spas from Hot Spring.


Designed with the help of Designworks, a BMW Group company, NXT models seem to float above the ground and have design accents that are simply beautiful. And these Hot Spring hot tubs have all of the features and soothing jet power you could want. Visit this site for more info:


Happy holidays and happy family time to all!


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