Unique Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life.

Shopping for the man in your life can seem like an impossible task. It’s tempting to just pick up the same thing you bought him last year or buy a novelty gift instead. These gifts often lose their charm five minutes after you’ve given them. Don’t you want to find a gift that’s useful or interests your loved one this year? One that they can use regularly or treasure forever. Well look no further. Here are some fantastic gift ideas for your man, whoever he is.

Record Player

If the man in your life is a music fan, why not get him a record player. Vinyl records have had a revival in recent years and are more popular than ever. This is a must have gift for any music love of any age. They bring a wonderful touch of nostalgia and excitement back into their music collection. Plus they make a refreshing change from listening to music on a phone or MP3 player. Find out their favorite solo artist or group and buy some records to accompany the player. It may also be a great idea to buy some headphones he can use with his record player too. They will love filling their lives with an authentic sound that only a record player can supply.


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Watches make practical and stylish gifts any man would appreciate. Even if they don’t care about the fashion aspect of a watch, the practicality of a watch is something he will love. Look for watches that suit your man’s tastes and style. You can’t go wrong with a classic design as these suit most tastes.  Consider their work and home life too. You don’t want to buy your Dad an extravagant watch if he likes to spend most of his time at home. If they work outside a lot the watch could get scratched and damages if it is too large. So choose wisely. Have a look at Shinola’s watches as they have a watch for every taste. Why not get the watch engraved or wrap it up in a decorative box to make it that bit more special.


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Grooming kit

Keeping up appearances matter more to men than you think. A grooming kit makes a thoughtful and useful gift for keeping the man in your life looking clean and tidy. These can come in an array of shapes and sizes and also vary in quality. You can buy a pre-made one or build one yourself. Consider the size and design carefully. You can’t go wrong with a simple leather wash bag to put his grooming essentials into. Choose quality products that moisturize and soothe the skin after shaving. Various sized combs are always useful as are scissors. This will make an ideal gift if they have to travel a lot with work or enjoy long vacations.

These gift ideas should have provided you with some ideas and inspiration. If you’re still having some trouble, consider what their hobbies and interests are. This should give you help you think of functional gift they will adore.


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