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The COVID 19 season has dramatically impacted and influenced our lifestyle. But in this grim situation, people have found different ways to spice up the prophylactic accessory – the face mask. The statement “fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday” couldn’t be more accurate. The 4inbandana proved to be the top-notch custom mask maker. The supplier took the lead and designed custom-printed face masks for their valued customers, ensuring safe and stylish living.

 Initially reluctant, the fashionistas and celebrities decided to wear face masks. They preferred to cover their faces with bandanas and personalized printed face masks that matched their style statement. 


Satisfied? Now Resist in Style!

The polyester and cotton products prevent you from contracting the disease and harmful particles like dust, pollen, and allergens. Cotton masks protect as adequately as a polypropylene surgical mask. It eliminates the chances of spreading the virus ultimately.

Go Green! 

You can design a mask in the color of your choosing; these masks are green i-e eco-friendly. They are recyclable and therefore are extremely good at minimizing waste. On the flip side, the surgical masks are not easily degradable. The mechanism to recycle them is somewhat complicated, and conventional and mainstream recycling facilities cannot perform it.  

Perfect fit

The mask cannot protect if it is loose; though adults get the right size; buying face masks for children is extremely difficult! Rest assured, the custom mouth masks delivered to you fit just right!           

Hence Precedent

The online accessories and apparel stores and businesses actively advertised custom made masks for sale, making them the most ubiquitous adornment of the year. 

A Hot Topic

The use of a custom made cotton face masks as a pandemic accessory ensued many debates and controversies. Many health experts insisted that the CDC does not recommend using a cloth mask. They were concerned that people are only giving importance to aesthetics. Stressing that cloth masks, a bandana-cum-face-mask, and scarves fail to protect against the novel virus. 

Publicly endorsed

The rampant increase in the number of corona affectees compelled the authorities to encourage masses to wear cloth face masks. This suggestion was a consequence of ever-increasing demand for surgical face masks and inadequate supply. The change in stance was publicly owned and announced by Donald Trump, the U.S President

In a press conference, he asked the U.S residents not to bother going out and buying surgical face masks. He explained that hospitals and public health workers should use them as protection. The public at large should wear scarves for protection. His statement broadcasted worldwide, where it stirred controversy; people worldwide found solace in personalized face masks made of fabric.                     


If your face mask is a snug fit and several layers thick, you are safe. So don’t hesitate to play around with tint and texture! This new vogue of custom masks will continue even after the lock-down lifts because life has no meaning without style!




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