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The Essential Advantages You should Know about Static Cranes

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Static cranes can be seen in a wide range of projects, most particularly big construction projects involving tall and complex structures. But whilst there are two basic types of cranes, namely the static crane and the mobile crane, and the mobile crane is considered more versatile than the static crane, static cranes are still quite necessary for various reasons. Static cranes are as important as ever as they often have a different purpose and use compared to mobile cranes. Here are the essential advantages of static cranes you should know about.

The different types of static cranes

First of all, static cranes cannot really be conveniently moved whilst they are being used. Whilst mobile cranes can be moved, static cranes often remain stationary during the time that they are used on a project or site.

As mentioned, there are different types of static cranes, and the list includes tower cranes, self-erecting cranes, telescopic cranes, gantry cranes, level luffing cranes, deck cranes, jib cranes, loader cranes, bulk-handling cranes, and stacker cranes. This wide variety of static cranes can make it more difficult to properly choose the best type of static crane, so if you are having difficulties making a choice on which crane to hire, take the time to talk to a specialist from a crane hire company. Crane hire Peterborough experts from APH Cranes & Access make it a point to explain the features of each crane for its clients so clients can make the most appropriate decision.

 The benefits of the different types of static cranes

 One of the most popular static cranes is the tower crane, and as suggested by its name, it is the tallest crane around. It is used mostly for tall building construction, and one prime advantage of this type of static crane is its height and its capacity for loading as well as lifting. Tower cranes are also known for being incredibly stable, and they have the capacity to bear the hardest and toughest tasks as well.

Another popular static crane is the telescopic crane, which is often employed for the transport of big and heavy objects and goods, and it consists of a large and heavy boom. This boom is outfitted with tubes that are fitted in its interior, which allows the height of the boom to be adjusted with the use of a hydraulic machine. Telescopic cranes come with some great advantages, such as the ability to adjust and adapt height depending on the place, and they are also more mobile than other static cranes because they can transport different goods more flexibly. They can also move loads in the most precise manner, and they are used in rescue situations due to their height adjustment capability.





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