Driving in Dubai as a Tourist

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Dubai is a known as a world city because it provides the best from all over the world. It is an extremely diverse country with people from all over the world, from various cultures and communities, living together in one city. The city is a technological marvel brought together with the best in the world of art, technology and architecture. As a resident or tourist, you will be glad to spend time in this city, exploring the wonderful sights and sounds.

With regards to commuting in the city, there are plenty of cabs and buses available to one and all. If you do choose to drive your own vehicle or a rented one, there are a few precautions you must consider taking. First and foremost, you must consider whether you are applicable to drive in Dubai. As a tourist, you must apply for an international equivalent of a national driving license or alternatively apply for a temporary driving license which permits you to drive in the UAE for a period of 6 months. There are also certain provisions that allow tourists with driving licenses in USA, Canada, certain European countries and a few other countries, to drive in UAE without requiring any additional driving license. We strongly suggest that you undergo the proper procedure as traffic rule violations such as these are taken very seriously in UAE and Dubai, and cause you serious inconvenience if you falter.

Once you have your driving documents in place and have found a car for yourself, let’s take a look at some of the important aspects about driving in Dubai. Being a nation with a wide economic diversity and overwhelming numbers of diverse communities, certain aspects of driving will require you to pay close attention so as to avoid any hassles. Now, before we discuss things on the road, you must consider availing a car insurance for your vehicle. This is a mandate because if you are ever in a situation of a road accident, it will be crucial to have a car insurance. Whether it was your fault or someone else’s, having an insurance safe-guards you from unnecessary hassles or monetary problems. There are various different types of car insurances to choose from and it’s best to compare car insurance before settling on any one in particular.

On the road, it goes unsaid that you will need to be well versed with all the traffic rules and regulations. There are actually some interesting online applications and apps both for android, iOS and Windows that provide an interactive way to memorize road safety rules and regulations in Dubai and UAE. Since the infrastructure will be new to you and road signs unfamiliar, you will want to brush up on these for when you are on the road. When to change lanes, when to turn on approaching your exit and which lanes enter the freeway are all aspects of driving in Dubai that you will want to be familiar with.

During Dubai City Tour, you will want to ensure your car is fueled and serviced properly. Dubai being a desert city, while it may not seem that way, you’ll certainly notice the hot and dry climates whenever you step out during the day. This is important to note because an automobile in extreme heat conditions might develop problems. And you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of the road somewhere waiting for help to arrive. Which if you do happen to be in this kind of situation, as long as you are within city limits, you should receive roadside assistance pretty quickly. Make sure to keep a note of the contact numbers and helpline numbers for these services stored on your mobile phone or on a piece of paper safely kept in your car. When the time comes you will be thankful for doing so. Coming back to the matter at hand, since the weather is of an extreme nature, it is advisable for you to ensure your car is in top conditions. Cases of engines heating up or cars running low on coolants etc. can cause on challenges on the road. Not to mention such situations can also impact your automobile’s machinery which can be detrimental for you and your car. Furthermore, expenses on repairing a car engine can be a major wallet burner, especially when you are holidaying in the country.

Specifically, when you are planning long trips to nearby cities or locations, we strongly recommend checking on your maintenance schedule as well as ensuring your spares are in place. Long distance drives on heated roads, can lead to tire punctures and similar problems. Having your spare ready to bail you out is always helpful. Also, road stretches outside the city will have desert patches and due to high winds, sand can form small bars on the highways sometimes. These cause skidding and maneuverability problems if your car is not in top form. So be mindful, whenever you are planning such trips. Also keep water and food handy for you because on long intercity roads there are very few food and beverage outlets to choose from.

One more thing to keep in mind with respect to the weather is where you leave your car parked. When outdoors, look for shade prone areas rather than under the open hot sun. This practice will do good as it will keep your car from heating up as well as help you maintain the sheen of your car in check.

Driving in Dubai can be a wonderful experience as long as you stick to the important points mentioned earlier in the article. And remember driving is a hand on activity. You must remain cautious and vigilant not matter how many years you have been driving for. While there may be many things that you would be familiar with, we do recommend giving it a few days to get adjusted to the speed and pace at which people in Dubai drive and get covered with Dubai Insurance. The longer you spend on the road of Dubai, the more likely you are to get comfortable with turns, traffic and techniques to be safe and enjoy your driving experience in the city.


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