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Spruce Up Your Table This Holiday With Precious Moments Bountiful Blessings Collection. @preciousmoment

Listen, I don’t know about you but, I am becoming more and more excited about the Holidays. I love how my family and I come together, we have dinner, play games, have movie night and sleepovers, and sometimes we just sit around and talk about everything that has happen in our lives.

We have such a wonderful time! Especially when we prepare for dinner, my oldest loves to decorate the table and chairs for the holiday so when Precious Moments sent me a few items from their Bountiful Blessings Collection, I couldn’t wait to open the box!

First, we have Precious Moments Thankful 18″ x 12″ Ceramic Server Platter

Get ready to serve your main course for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other celebrations on this beautiful oval platter with a lovely message that reminds us to be grateful for our many blessings.  It’s large enough for a bountiful main course or for an impressive array of holiday desserts, this white platter is sure to become a treasured part of holiday and entertainment traditions for years to come.

I love how you’ll be able to pass this platter down to your kids as they become older and celebrate the holidays with their family. It measures approximately 18 x 12 inches and it’s created with durable glazed ceramic, don’t worry, it is also dishwasher safe and microwave safe. So yes, this platter can handle all your serving needs!

Here we have the Bountiful Blessings Grateful, Thankful,  Blessed 9″ Ceramic Pie Plate

This is another beautiful ceramic piece from Precious Moments. This is called the Bountiful Blessings Thankful, Grateful, Blessed 9″ Ceramic Pie Plate. The inscription will speak volume at the dinner table this Holiday season. That’s because, we all are so Grateful, Thankful, and Blessed!! I treasure those three words every day and they inspire me to always remember all three words no matter if it’s the holidays or not! This deep white ceramic pie plate adds inspired elegance to any table and will look lovely coordinated with any of the Bountiful Blessings serving collection platters. Measures approximately 9 inches in diameter and is crafted of durable glazed ceramic. Microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Next we have the beautiful Precious Moments Bountiful Blessings Grateful 12 oz Ceramic Gravy Boat with Saucer. 

Inspire your guests for Thanksgiving, Christmas and other celebrations with the message of gratitude sculpted on this beautiful gravy boat and saucer. This versatile serveware is great for any type of entertaining. Traditionally used for gravy, it’s 12-ounce capacity makes this a perfect sauce boat, sauciere for au jus, sauce, salad dressing, broth and much more! Well balanced for easy serving with a convenient pour spout and easy grip handle making your entertaining fun and effortless!


Last from the Bountiful Blessings Collection we have the Bountiful Blessings, “Blessed”, Puzzle Piece Bamboo Cutting/Cheese Board With White Ceramic Dip Bowl

This eco-friendly puzzle piece bamboo board can be used as inspirational wall décor that transitions easily to an attractive cutting/cheese board. The small bowl is just perfect for dips and condiments and can be mix and matched with other puzzle piece cutting/cheese boards and bowl sets. It measures  12 x 8 inches and the bowl holds approximately 2 ounces. It’s a perfect set to share not only cheese but many other cool appetizer snacks.


All these wonderful Precious Moments Bountiful Blessings collection pieces can be found on Precious Moments website along with many others. I do know this collection would be great in displaying your favorite Holiday dishes.


Visit them today and order your sets so they can arrive just in time for the Holidays!


Don’t forget to connect with Precious Moments via Instagram: @Preciousmomentsofficial  |Facebook: @OfficialPreciousMoments|Twitter: @preciousmoment






Disclosure: Howdy everyone, I just wanted to inform you that I was not compensated for this post. However, I did receive sample  products from the company below and the opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.


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