How To Have A Dreamy, Romantic Beach Wedding In Stunning Shades Of Blue

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If you are thinking about having a beach wedding, it’s likely because you are imagining your wedding day to be a chilled out, relaxed affair. One of the best things about beach weddings is they can have formal elements such as color themes without taking away from the relaxed vibe you are aiming for.

Blue is a natural choice for a beach wedding for many reasons and you can either go all out on the color scheme or keep it at subtle hints only. Whichever you choose, a blue-themed beach wedding will have an unbeatable, romantic, dreamy quality – read on for some ideas of how to incorporate this gorgeous shade into your day!

Bella Blue Bridesmaids

If you want to have a blue themed wedding, the first element you will want to address is the bridesmaid dresses. Don’t think for a second this means you need to have each of your gal pals perfectly matched up – you can be as creative as you like!

One of the best ways to make a bride look good is to have bridesmaids fitted in dresses that suit their figure and skin tone, so they look comfortable and happy. Thankfully, blue is a color that suits the majority of people; however, you might find some shades suit different skin and hair tones better than others.

Rather than having matching outfits, fit your bridesmaids out in bridesmaid dresses that are all different shades of blue. This will also have the effect of making them look less formal – perfect for a beachside wedding!

Dressed To Perfection

If you’ve chosen a beach wedding, chances are you will be looking at nice but cheap wedding dresses that are suitable for the sandy surrounds. This is not as difficult or limiting as you might think at first – the choices are quite large!

For beach wedding dresses, you can pretty much adopt an “anything goes” attitude, but if you are mixing it in with shades of blue, there are a couple choices that will make it all mix in better. Although white wedding dresses are of course beautiful, ivory gowns can really give off a dreamier, ethereal air when it comes to beach wedding dresses – particularly when combined with blue tones.

Blue Blooms

One of the simplest ways to incorporate some mellow blue tones into your beach wedding is to make blue flowers part of your bouquet and floral decorations. Using an abundance of blue knick-knacks to decorate your tables and chairs can start looking very tacky, very quickly.

Using blue flowers, mixed in with whites and creams can be a stunning, yet, subtle way to weave blue tones into your wedding. The best part is that it is unless you at the point where you are practically tripping over flowers, it is actually quite difficult to overdo it.

Everyone loves flowers, and it’s also a more eco-friendly way of adding blue tones, and you can allow your guests to take arrangements home with them too!


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