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Dos and Don’ts for Your Home Remodel

Managing your first home remodel project can be a fun process. From the moment you decide to get started until the time it’s finished, watching your vision come together can be exciting. However, whether you’re a seasoned remodeler or just getting started with your very first project, it’s important to keep a few simple dos and don’ts in mind.


Do Keep Safety in Mind

During any home renovation project, safety is key. Make sure you take regular precautions such as wearing safety goggles, turning off breakers, and removing other items that could potentially pose a hazard before you get started. These small steps can protect you and your home from potential disaster.

Don’t Ignore Upkeep

You may have big plans for building your dream kitchen, but if your home’s foundation is crumbling and your roof has gaping holes in it, your money could probably be put to better use than installing granite countertops. If you ignore regular upkeep around your home, no amount of remodels can help your home retain its value or help hit be attractive to potential buyers when you’re looking to sell.

Do be Prepared

It can make a major difference in every facet of your remodel, from your overall budget to the timeline of completion to have a plan in place. Being prepared with an overall vision for how you want your remodel to look and making decisions such as what types of materials you want to use can be helpful before you get started and prevent you from overspending.

Don’t Neglect a Budget

Putting together a budget for your home remodel isn’t always fun, but it’s a necessary part of the remodel process. If you hire contractors, it gives them an idea of how they should be spending on materials and extra manpower. If you’re working alone, it keeps you in check and helps you remember not to overspend on unnecessary add-ons like those marble countertops you were eyeing. You should also plan a buffer into your budget of at least 10% to account for unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the renovation process.

Do get Help

Unless you’re a licensed contractor, you shouldn’t attempt to complete a major renovation on your own. You can use a licensed contractor as your one-stop-shop for your home remodeling projects because they have experience, knowledge, and qualifications to manage your project smoothly and efficiently. Before you hire someone, however, remember to check that they’re licensed and carry insurance. You should also remember to ask for references to verify their work before you hire anyone for a project.

Don’t Hire the Cheapest Help

It can be tempting to hire the contractor with the lowest bid for the job, but it may not be the best choice for your project. While it’s understandable to want to save money on your project, you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to who does the work or it could cost you. You want your remodel to last and sometimes quality, or lack thereof, shows when you go for the cheapest price.

Do Remember to Obtain Permits

Before you get started, check to see if you need to obtain any permits from your city or local municipality, otherwise, you could end up wasting money putting together a beautiful remodel only to have local code enforcers come tell you that you need to take it out because you didn’t get a permit. You should always research your local building permits and codes before you break ground on any renovation.

Don’t get in the Way

You may want to keep tabs on your contractors while they work or perhaps you want daily updates on the project because you’re excited. However, constantly getting in the way of the professionals while they’re trying to work can actually slow down the process. Try to be patient and let the pros handle the job without offering input or butting in too much. It’s fine to ask how things are going every once in awhile, but it’s another thing to follow them around while they’re trying to work.


When you complete your next remodel project, try to keep these simple dos and don’ts in mind. Following these tips can help your project run smoothly and give you a better overall product.



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