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Don’t Know Where To Move? Here’s Everything You Need To Consider.

Moving home is super stressful! There is so much to be considered before you’ve even put down a deposit. It is, therefore, incredibly important to know everything that must be thought about before you make your move. Here’s a helpful guide.

Urban or Rural?

Are you more of a city slicker or a country boy? This one is probably the most important choice you’re going to need to make as it will massively impact your future. Are the jobs that you are looking to apply for better suited and more prevalent in built up areas or rural landscapes? This is pivotal, because, without an income, you’re really going to struggle to make rent each month! If you prefer views of gorgeous landscapes and greenery, the a rural home is undoubtedly best for you. However, if you’d love a penthouse apartment in New York’s skyline, then urban is your answer.


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The cost of living is also a massive factor in choosing where to live. In massive urban cities for example, not only will rent and house prices be higher, but food and drink will cost you more, too. It’s considerably cheaper to live in a smaller town because there is less of a demand for these living essentials. The cost of your commute also needs to be taken into consideration if you’re planning on living away from near to your job. Your commute is one of the factors that Greyloft.com takes into account when finding you your dream, affordable home.


If you’re a sports fanatic, then you’re not going to want to live somewhere where you can’t watch or play sport. For example, if you chose to live in Miami but you like soccer and not the NFL, then you’re out of luck, as currently there is no MLS side franchise there. Similarly, you may love baseball. If so, you’re not going to want to live in Manchester or Birmingham in the UK, as those cities are more focused on their soccer. As long as you’re able to afford to live in an urban area, there will always be opportunities for you to play almost all sports. In villages, you may be somewhat more limited, but it’s very rare that you won’t find a local sports team who play something that you enjoy.


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Arts & Culture?

You might fancy a home in London so that you can appreciate the beautiful street art of the likes of Banksy. However, if you love the Opera, then Sydney in Australia is definitely the place to be! If you’re a music junkie, then where better to live than Texas? It boasts some amazing live music festivals and has been dubbed the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ before now!

Hopefully, these considerations will help you outline where you really want to base yourself for the upcoming years. This list is by no means exhaustive, there’s plenty of other factors to consider, such as your family and friends. However, this is where you need to start! Good luck and all the best with your house hunting.


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