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Everything You Need to Know About Heating Systems

We barely imagine our homes without heating systems. Heating systems are an essential part of our lifestyles and properties. A major chunk of utility bills goes to keep our homes warm and comfortable for a sustainable lifestyle. Everyone wants to have efficient heating systems in their house and offices with cost-friendly benefits. 

It doesn’t matter what heating system we use to keep our spaces warm. By properly managing our heating systems we can save money and increase efficiency.

Very few people can idealize their heating systems to not work with perfection. 

Types of heating systems

Either homes or commercial properties, we have two choices;

  • Portable Heating
  • Central Heating

Portable heating only keeps one room of yours warm, and it may cost a lot to buy multiple heaters, maintain them, and pay each of their cost separately. More precautions are to be taken to warm our rooms through portable or conventional heating systems.

People tend to prefer Culm Stores central heating systems in London to avoid this modular separable management of heating solutions. 

What is a Central Heating System?

The central heating systems are based on the process to heat the whole property simultaneously through the traveling of heat in ducts, pipes, radiators. This heat is powered by boilers, furnaces, fuel-driven heat, the air warmer, radiant heating. 

The temperatures can be controlled through a central control panel.

Types of Central Heating Systems London


Furnace-based heating systems are operated through the circulation of heated air through the network of ducts around the house. The heat is generated through mixing air with fuel, and then burning it produces heat. A relatively conventionally used method of heating.


Boilers are different by the medium they carry heat. Hot water floats through pipes and radiators and they warm the room. The water goes back to the boiler to become hot again. These boilers consume natural gas to generate heat. These are widely used before, but they need maintenance due to corrosion. 

Radiant Floor heating

Radiant floor heating is more efficient yet extremely costly and difficult to maintain. Generally, warm water in tubes circulates beneath the floor to keep the house warm. The experiences are efficient. It also uses geo-heating and temperature of water in the ground.

Warm Air Heating

An old method to keep the houses warm. The exhaust lets the air outside enter the air warmer and then leave it into the building through grills. This way moisture, impurity also comes inside the walls and has to be managed with extra modules with the heating system.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps could’ve been labeled as the most suited, space, and cost-efficient heating solutions to most of the people in the UK and other parts of the world. These are small units with inverter technology. Heat Pumps use the air outside to throw heated air through a pusher for better circulation into space. The same units can be used to cool the space in summers. 



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