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4 Pieces of Garden Equipment That Everybody Needs

Whether you’re brand-new to gardening or you’ve been planting and growing for years, landscaping tools are a necessity.

You can easily go overboard buying garden equipment, with the endless varieties of each tool that are available. But they aren’t the cheapest and they take up a lot of space on your property.

That’s why it’s much better to stick to the essentials and stick to the tools that you’re going to use the most.

So, what are these essentials? Which pieces of garden equipment should be in your collection? Here are four garden tools that everybody needs to own.

Drip Irrigation System

You won’t always have time to water your garden every day. Your drip irrigation emitters help to keep your garden hydrated.

A drip irrigation system uses a network of pipes and drip emitters to sprinkle water across your whole garden, focusing mainly on the base of your plants.

The slow and controlled release of water helps to keep your garden healthy and hydrated for the whole day and aids elimination of water waste.

Garden Rake

You’re going to need a garden rake for gathering leaves and cleaning up your garden. It can be used to dislodge rocks or pull up roots. If you need smooth soil or spread compost, you can do so with your garden rake.

You can get rakes with various head and handle sizes, and each variation has unique benefits.

Some have a slight curve in their spine and these are great for turning compost piles. The curve adds strength and support. Straight forks are better for digging soil.

Wide-headed rakes are suitable for spreading higher volumes of heavier materials, such as large amounts of soil or gravel. Narrow-headed options are great for precise landscaping work.


Your wheelbarrow is a lifesaver if you need to move large amounts of soil or compost across your garden. They’re great to lift and haul heavy items in a safe and easy way.

You can get both single-handled or dual-handled wheelbarrows, and you can choose from single-wheeled or two-wheeled options.

Generally, double-handled, two-wheeled models are easier to balance and they’re more suitable for those who have weaker grip or poor balance. This type of wheelbarrow is also better when you’re working on uneven terrain.

Investing in a high-quality wheelbarrow will be a lifesaver when you have a big landscaping job to complete.


Your gardening gloves will protect your hands from throne and splinters while you’re gardening.

Make sure you get a high-quality pair of gloves that fit your hands well. They should be made from thick, breathable material to provide prevent you from getting blisters or cuts. This is especially important if you’re transporting compost and seedlings.

Gloves are also necessary to prevent you from getting any nasty insect bites while you’re out in the garden. If possible, get yourself a longer pair of gardening gloves that will protect your arms too.


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