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Custom Home Builders or Production Home Builders: Who is the Right One for you?

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Queensland’s Sunshine Coast is Australia’s 9th most populous area in the country. Although it is known for being pre-urban, many people still want to settle down in the place. With its population steadily growing, demands on the construction industry have increased, especially when it comes to the building of houses. 

If you plan to construct your dream house in this beautiful place, companies that offer custom home builders in  Sunshine Coast can do it for you. However, some people are still hesitant to choose between custom home builders and production home builders. To save you from this dilemma, you might want to keep reading to know the difference between the two. 

Who is a Custom Home Builder? 

A custom home builder can bring your dream home to life exactly the way you want it to be. By choosing a custom home builder, every detail you expect, even the slightest ones you plan regarding your house will come true. They are somewhat called a genie of most homeowners because they are the help you need for a customized property.

To guide you more in choosing a custom home builder, you might want to consider these two essential questions. 

  • Do you own land or planning to purchase one for your dream house? 

If you own land or is planning to have one, and want to allocate it for your dream house, a custom home builder is the right one for you. Custom home builders will develop your land and build your home following your preferred design. They can also offer you a design service if you do not have a pre-designed house. 

  • Do you want a uniquely designed house?

Custom home builders give priority to what you plan, and what you want regarding home design. Unlike production builders who have stock plans for their clients, custom home builders will ask for your design and everything will be based on what you prefer. 

The main advantage of choosing a custom home builder is you can personalize the project. 

Who is a Production Home Builder? 

A production home builder is the total opposite of the custom home builder. You contact a production home builder in the following instances: 

  • You do not have land or space for your property and wanted to construct a house in buildable lands owned and managed by production builders. 
  • You do not have enough time to find land to build with. 
  • You prefer a stock design plan with your house instead of designing it on your own. As a consequence, you will have a generic house design. 
  • You do not have time to work on the process, such as getting permits from the locality and getting road access.

One advantage of choosing a production home builder is that they have design centers and material distributors that they are partnered with.

It All Boils Down to What You Have, and What You Prefer

There is no such thing as a perfect home builder. Everything is relative, and the right choice will depend on what you have, and what you want. If you have the land to develop, a ready-made design, you can always find a suitable one from the numerous custom home builders in Sunshine Coast to maximize and enjoy your assets. Meanwhile, if your situation fits more on production home builders, then it is not a bad idea to have. Choose the right one without compromising the comfort of having a shelter to live in.


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