What Type of Lighting Is the Best in 2022?

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The interior lighting is the central aspect of a house that can manipulate an atmosphere depending on its position and type of fixtures. Of course, it’s important to remember that the best-suited lighting fixture in a bedroom may not work if placed in a kitchen or bathroom. 

Interior design, as well as interior lighting trends, can change over time. Every day, manufacturers come up with new, advanced, and innovative fixtures. The chosen lighting must reflect the aura and function of a room. Thus, to determine which lighting would be best, it’s essential to go back to the basics – the types of lighting. 

Accent Lighting

This type of lighting is a marvelous way to add drama and flair to a home. Its purpose is to illuminate art pieces and other things a homeowner wants to display. You may also use this to light bookcases displays, artwork, paintings, vases, collections, and many more. 

Wall lights

Wall lights are an excellent way to utilize accent lighting. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and styles, so you’ll have no problem finding the one for you. Also, it’s the perfect item to showcase the architecture of your home.  

You can find the right kind of wall lights through Vonn. Vonn offers various options, ensuring that every home has a well-designed wall light. It provides a functional and ageless light fixtures design. Plus, you can get 10% off your first purchase with free delivery! 


Do you want lighting that can show off your front lawn? Then this type of lighting is the way to go! You can use this lighting to light a path, a statue, your garden, and many more! 


Track lighting offers the same purpose as wall lights; however, track lighting can cover more space. You can use these lights in your living room, den, kitchen, or bedroom because of their functionality.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting or general lighting is one of the most common types of lighting out of the three. It has a soft glow that enables you to function without harsh glare. This type of lighting can light a whole room; however, it doesn’t highlight objects well. 

Another name for ambient lighting is mood lighting. It’s a beautiful medium when you want to relax after a tiring day. Also, it captures the curves of your face well – making it appropriate for a pleasant conversation with a dear friend.


Chandeliers work best when placed on a high ceiling; it’s a great centerpiece for any room that can catch the eye of guests and homeowners. You can use these in large dining rooms, bathrooms, foyers, or living rooms. 


You can place pendant lights in more areas as compared to chandeliers. Chandeliers tend to be large and extravagant; however, pendant lighting comes in more versatile and unique shapes, styles, and designs. You may even place pendant lighting above your office table. 

Task Lighting

Tasks, office, and schoolwork – these are things you can accomplish by using task lighting. It’s a much more concentrated yet smaller light, and it’s best used when you’re concentrating on a task. Hence, the reason for its other name, office lighting. 

The purpose of this lighting is to help you see things clearly when working on projects, reading, sewing, writing, drawing, and other things that require adequate light. It allows individuals to be more productive and see the details more clearly, thus producing higher quality work. 

Under the cabinet

Working in a kitchen without lighting under the cabinet can be challenging since there isn’t enough light to help you. It would be hard to chop ingredients or read instructions without cabinet lighting. 

It helps give homeowners the extra light they need when cleaning and chopping ingredients. Plus, it adds a certain elegance to a kitchen.


When doing your makeup and hair, having the proper lighting is a must; this is so that you know that you did it right. Nobody wants to go out in public with an unblended foundation or leave strands of hair uncurled.


No matter what year it is, always go back to the basics. Learning about the type of lighting and how you can use it would help you decide on your lighting. Additionally, be sure to factor in your preferred style and needs. Ask yourself what you think would be the best fixtures to light the room.





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