How to Handle a Pipe Burst While Waiting for Your Plumber

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A burst pipe warrants an emergency call to your plumber for plumbing repair in Denver. While you wait, though, you might feel like the world is ending. It’s important to keep a clear head and follow some simple steps. Your initial response will make the biggest difference in potential home damage. Remember: Everything is going to be okay. Your plumber will take care of things. Your job is to take small actions that mitigate the problem in the short-term.

Turn Your Water Off

When you’re dealing with a burst pipe, you have to find your stop tap. It’s usually located underneath the sink. Turn this tap into the fully closed position. This ensures no more water flows into the house.

There are occasional instances where this doesn’t work. This happens because the burst piping is in the piping underneath the tap. But even so, the tap should be switched off to keep the problem from worsening. Burst pipes might lead to property structural damage, which might cost thousands of dollars to repair.

Turn Off Your Electricity

Your home is full of water. Depending on how much has flooded the area, it may be at risk of creeping into outlets and other electronics. Your family members are at risk from damp wiring. When your pipes burst, all power should be turned off until you get the okay from a trained professional.

Remove Dangerous Contaminates

You probably have a number of cleaning products that can be potentially hazardous. Any chemicals can pose a problem. You don’t want bleach or household cleaner to add contamination to your flood water. It might make kids sick or bring serious harm to your pets.

Remove every cleaning product from potentially wet areas. Bring them to an upstairs, dry area. You should also move your important possessions into a dry place.

Contact a Professional

Unless you or a family member is an expert plumber, you need to bring in outside help. Sometimes people like to deal with plumbing problems on their own. But a burst pipe isn’t a DIY situation. You have to call a professional. Immediate flooding counts as an emergency, so you should look for emergency plumbers who are available at all hours.

You’ll especially need professional help if your property is rented. Your landlord will require official documentation showing that repairs were done by licensed professionals. Your local area should have a number of different home repair specialists. If you’ve turned the power off, you might need to use your smartphone to get their contact details.

Clean Up After the Fact

After the professionals have fixed the issue, it’s time to deal with home cleanup. The water has probably damaged a great deal of your household furniture, carpeting, and other items. You might want to get structural water damage evaluated by a professional.

Calling a professional cleaning service can be helpful because these people have special procedures to contain potential dangers. They make sure no harmful bacteria is left.

Final Thoughts

A burst pipe isn’t the end of the world. As long as you act quickly and let the professionals, such as SWAN Plumbing, Heating & Air of Denver, do their jobs, you should be fine.



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