10 Parisian Apartment Decor Ideas in 2021

It seems that the French sense of style is always chic. Paris is, after all, the epicenter of luxury with enviable fashion, food, architecture, and lifestyle. And don’t forget the awe-inspiring French châteaux. If you’re looking for a romantic-themed room for your home, then taking inspiration from the décor in Paris is a great place to start. While replicating décor exactly may be far from budget-friendly, you can use ideas to put into your own apartment at a fraction of the cost.

When looking for inspiration, it’s always a great idea to immerse yourself into the theme you’re after. In this instance, an extended stay in a serviced apartment in Paris will help you get the feel of a true Parisian home. You can take photos to look back on later, look up the brand for particular pieces of furniture that have caught your eye, and even take stunning photos of the city from your apartment to turn into a wall mural for your home. In the meantime, let’s take a look at these awe-inspiring Paris apartment ideas that you could use in your home.


Color scheme

You’ll notice in many areas of Paris that the color scheme of most homes sticks to light and airy. Following the romantic theme, soft neutral colors like pearl white, beige and a light pink blush are all great colors to use when basing your apartment around a Parisian theme. You’ll find that many Parisians use different shades of whites and blues for their furniture too, keeping the whole room – and apartment – looking and feeling light and airy throughout.

Patterned wallpaper

If you’d prefer to use wallpaper, why not combine toile prints and soft hued wallpapers with bucolic scenes for a simple, more modern looking French themed room. Remember to go for a pale, light and airy color palette. 

Architectural Molding

A touch you’ll notice both on the interior and exterior of many properties in Paris is the intricate architectural molding. From cast iron balconies to swirling headboards, the designs add a flair of drama and romance to the overall design. Many pieces of furniture with these designs are rather costly to own for yourself, but there’s no harm in trying to recreate the feel on a budget. To achieve wall paneling, for example, why not pick up some decorative beading from your local DIY store and create the illusion of wall panels? It will cost a fraction of the price, and you have full control over the design.

French blue accents

Another standout feature from Parisian homes is the French blue accent that pops up around every corner. Typically used on exterior doors, the French blue color is a staple that will transport you to Paris every time you look at it. While you may not want to paint your exterior doors in French blue, you can use the color to accent different accessories around your home. Finding the perfect French blue could take a little effort and refinement. While it might not be exact, you can check out Benjamin Moore’s Santa Monica Blue for an approximation.


Anyone that’s ever been to Paris will tell you how much the locals love their chandeliers. They help add sophistication and class to any room, and don’t necessarily have to be expensive either. Head to your local DIY store to browse their chandeliers. Pro tip: choose a chandelier with glass to give off the effect of crystal glistening around the room.

Curvy furniture

There’s an abundance of curvy furniture in Paris, from oval backed dining room chairs to bedside tables with beautiful, floral beading, giving it a voluptuous feel. You can buy furniture that looks Parisian, or if you’re feeling creative, buy some decorative beading and upcycle your current furniture.


Mirrors are another popular staple in Parisian homes that you may want to replicate in your home. Note the gilded frames to add a pop of color into the room. The gold in the frames also gives off the impression of wealth and luxury, making it the perfect addition to a romantic Paris-themed apartment.

Soft, flowing curtains

Another touch you’ll notice is white netted curtains on the windows. Not only do these add a layer of privacy, but also give off a super romantic theme when the windows are open and they’re fluttering in the breeze.

Patterned bed linen

While many French décor themes stick to peaceful and neutral colors, they often use patterns to brighten up their décor. Try out floral patterned bed linen for a feminine and romantic feel to your bedroom.


Finally, marble is another classic Parisian themed piece of décor to find in a romantic styled apartment. Usually found from ceiling to floor in bathrooms, you could replicate this using wall panels with a marble design to give off that luxurious and expensive Parisian themed bathroom, creating an expensive Paris themed bathroom without the price tag!

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