Don’t Be Alarmed! It’s Christmas! Check Out Witti Designs Beddi Glow – Intelligent Alarm Clock With Wake-Up Light . #HolidayGuide @WittiDesign       

We all have those mornings where we are awakened by a startled jump and realize we have forgotten to set the alarm clock! We’ve had to reschedule appointments, been late for work and missed meetings with friends. Sometimes we keep the curtains closed and the sunlight that would normally wake us up is not in the room. Some of us are hard sleepers and can sleep through roadwork right outside of our window! Some people depend on clocks solely.

Well, Witti Designs now offers the Beddi Glow – Intelligent Alarm Clock With Wake-Up Light to be the answer to all of our wake up troubles!

Not only is this alarm clock an alarm clock (HA!) but this intelligent device also has a few additional settings that will make it an amazing Christmas gift this year! One of the settings in the light is displayed for dark rooms when the alarm goes off. You can be awaken to a hue of a sunset or the clear blue skies! The light is not the only thing customizable.

The alarm choice can be chosen from your favorite song from Spotify, Apple Music or other music players! The Beddi Glow also acts as a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your music after you have awakened and are getting ready for work! Customizations are easily managed directly from the app on your smartphone or tablet. You can set alarms and the type of sounds that will play in any instance.

Not only does this device wake you up, but it helps you sleep throughout the night with customizable soothing noises. While helping you catch some Z’s the device also charges your phone (There are two USB charging ports on the device)! Talk about doing it all!

So now you can get ready to sleep better and much deeper. Remember the integrated white noise generator provides pleasant white noise. BEDDI Glow has five relaxing nature sounds (Wind, Fan, Rain, Ocean, and Forest) that help you fall asleep fast. The app-enabled white noise works well if you struggle to get to sleep and helps your body relax and prepare yourself for sleep. Experience the perfect way to wind down at night with relaxing sounds and then wake up naturally with its smart alarm and soothing wake up light.

This Christmas give the amazing Beddi Glow! You can’t go wrong with helping someone sleep better and them waking up feeling relaxed and ready for the day!


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