Dohmie by Marpac Review, #SeriousSleep Baby Bundle.

Disclosure: As a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network I was compensated by Dohmie for participating in this blog tour. All options expressed are 100% my own.


One things for sure no Mom wants to have a fussy baby who can’t sleep; well that’s Quincy all the way!! Some days he does well and many days he just can’t settle down to get a good night sleep.  Sometimes the noises become a little overwhelming for Quincy and the other kids. Seems like finding a little quietness was out of the question for everyone.

 So when I was given the opportunity to review the  Dohmie by Marpac  Serious Sleep Baby Bundle , I became so excited.

dohmiedooI just couldn’t wait to add the Dohmie machine to Q room in hopes that it would assist him in getting a good night sleep. Well the moment I turned it on and allowed the  natural soft tone sounds to surround his room he was sound a sleep.  I even enjoyed listening to the Dohmie myself! It finally seemed quite around the house, so quite and comfortable that even though I knew Quincy and the rest of the family were asleep, I still let the white noise machine run.

Having a home with kids can sometimes be so noisy that its even hard for me to settle down and get a good night sleep. I know its going to become much louder in our home with the holidays approaching and with having a new baby coming to visit this year I’m sure she will have a very hard time sleeping with all the noise.


I’m hoping that the Dohmie “white noise machine” will assist her too in getting a good night sleep. Many times when babies are not familiar with their surrounding it can become more difficult for them to get a good night sleep.  It actually throws them off, their sleep troubles not only effects mom but dad too.

I love the Dohmie “white noise machine” for so many reasons, its natural, safe and healthy. Your asking what is a Dohmie sound machine?


Well the white noise machine creates a soothing sound like rushing air, also called white noise. This sound has been proven to block out noises at all sorts of frequencies. The Dohm machine’s sound can effectively mask snoring, voices, dogs barking and other household sounds so babies, children and adults can sleep without disruptions. Trust me, it works! Quincy slept the whole  night so that alone was a blessing. In stead of me getting up 4-5 times because he was not getting a good night sleep I only got up once and that was just to check on him.


You know the Holidays are fast approaching and what better way to share this wonderful Dohmie “white noise sound machine” than with that new mom and baby!


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Disclosure: As a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network I was compensated by Dohmie for participating in this blog tour. All options expressed are 100% my own.




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