Do You Need To Refrigerate Your Skin Care Products?

There’s been some debate on different online platforms over whether or not it is important to refrigerate skincare products. 

Some savvy lovers of skincare encourage consumers to store their various creams, gels, and compounds in the fridge. So, where do you go as a naïve skincare lover?

Well, I am going to share some useful guidelines to answer this question. But we all understand that skincare products are diverse in formulations.

So, here’s a disclaimer – This is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Individual formulations influence the maintenance needs of your skincare items.

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Do I need to refrigerate my skincare products?

Well, in simple words, I’ll say only if you choose to.

Although different skincare formulas have different stability levels, most skin care products contain ingredients that have been tested against temperature, humidity, oxygen, and UV light. Manufacturers do this to verify that the final formula is stable in all conditions and safe to use.

So, if you ask, I will say most skin care products can do well at room temperature without any issues.

While some brands may recommend that their products be stored under specific conditions, storing them in the fridge could change the consistency of your skincare product. Extreme cold or heat can cause great damage to some formulas.

So, unless a brand advises that you store its product at a specific temperature, it is better to store your skincare products at room temperature.

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Does refrigeration prolong the shelf life of skincare products?

Although some products might benefit from some time in the fridge, the effect is not too significant.

You need to know that refrigeration doesn’t always mean preservation.

So, if you store your skincare product in the cooler for a long time, it wouldn’t make it last longer in the grand scheme of things.

Do skincare products feel better when refrigerated?

Well, skincare products, such as creams or gels meant to de-puff tired eyes can benefit from some time in the fridge. When these eye de-puffing creams are cooled, they often have a soothing effect when you apply them to your skin. The cold may promote vasoconstriction, thereby supporting puffiness.

Another set of skincare products that benefit from refrigeration is sheet mists and serums. These creams can be effectively used to soothe discomfort and itching as it brings down swelling with their coolness.

Using cold facial creams may also boost lymphatic drainage, resulting in more radiant-looking skin.  Products that contain natural ingredients, vitamin C, or organic compounds may benefit from the preservative effect of cold temperature.

Are refrigerated skincare products better absorbed by the skin?

It might feel cool and nice on you, but when it comes to effectiveness, refrigerated skincare products are never better absorbed by the skin.

Products such as creams and serums are more effective when you use them at night. This is the period when you get the best of skin warmth and blood flow. And temperature is not a determinant here.

More so, it is important to note that when your skin pores are open, they accept and absorb skincare products much better than when these pores are cold and constricted.

That’s why it is often advised to warm your face to encourage a more effective reaction. Too much cold, however, would make this process difficult, especially when you’re using oil-based skin care products.

Apart from hindering the oil absorption, cold might potentially change the chemical makeup of your skincare products.

Final Remark

I believe I have been able to show you reasons why you don’t need to obsess too much about any complicated rule when you can get the best with basic storage conditions.

The rule of thumb is that preserving your skincare products in the refrigerator might stabilize some active ingredients and somewhat extend their shelf life. But most formulas are manufactured to maintain their best properties and active ingredients even when stored at room temperature.

However, always read products’ ingredient labels and manufacturers’ instructions to know whether a skincare product can be chilled.



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