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Everyone goes through a challenging time in life, no matter what social media tells us. Life can be roses and strawberries, but it’s usually also full of dirt and storms. Deaths, job losses, misunderstandings, traumatic childhoods, abusive relationships, snowballing debt and other scenarios are often masked or sought to be escaped from. Addiction comes in many forms and appearances, and can be detrimental to the health and livelihood of the addicted. It’s a very unfortunate cycle, but very fortunately one that can be broken and overcome. Shopping, drinking, eating, exercising, controlling, smoking and other forms are taken as a form to escape the unpleasant memories of traumatic experiences. Let’s take a look at some avenues in which to overcome these:

  1. Addiction treatment services. Addiction treatment services serve millions of people each year to overcome addictions of all types. These programs are structured in such a way the root of the addiction is discovered and solutions and processes are put into place to help get in front of and in control of what causes the need to escape or seek a more pleasurable experience, even if just for a few seconds. Drug addictions are perhaps some of the most life-harming, as the human body reacts to the chemicals in a severe way, needing more and more each time. There’s no real benefit to being addicted to drugs, and it’s a harmful lifestyle to get into, yet it happens and is appealing to so many of all ages and walks of life.
  2. Therapy. Going to therapy is something most people can reap immense benefit from at one or many points in life. Talking through and working through trauma and stressful situations and memories in a controlled and safe environment, with the guidance and accountability and expertise of a licensed therapist is a great act of self-love and self-respect. Therapy provides a wide variety of techniques and treatment options to work through life’s greatest challenges. Simply talking things out with someone is usually a great help in itself.
  3. Connecting with others that have experienced something similar to what you have. It’s been said that the opposite of addiction is connection, and there’s certainly a level of practical balance there. If addiction is in your realm of reality, perhaps reaching out to local or online groups to seek out a group that has experienced something similar to what you have, no matter what it is, is the key you need to work through and overcome it. Connecting with other people is something humans need at a deep, core level. We are pack animals when it’s all boiled down, and finding similarities in each other is what makes us feel safe, seen, heard and validated. To talk with someone that has experienced anything similar to what you have may be the exact need that can turn the tide for your life.

No matter your resource availability or time commitments, finding a solution to addiction and life’s hardest personal challenges is something to certainly prioritize as much as physical and financial health. Take charge of your life and explore your needs to make changes, even if it’s uncomfortable.



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