Celebrate Easter With These Cool Summer Pool Party Games From Starlux

Disclosure: Night Helper Blog received sample products from the company below to showcase to our loyal readers. We’re disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

Now that the weather has become warmer and the the kids can come outdoors, Starlux wanted me to share with you a few of their awesome toys.

This Sunday is Easter, and if you’re seeking to add a few cool toys to your kid’s baskets, don’t forget to add some games from the Starlux brand.

Each Starlux game collectively has won over a dozen awards and been featured in places ranging from The Today Show to QVC to Buzzfeed.  Their games bring family and friends together for thrilling gameplay and memorable experiences.

I can’t wait to have the kids get outdoors and play with a few  Starlux games. Our family already has some games from the Starlux brand and really enjoy playing with them, especially when their friends come over.

Let’s get started; first, we have the Starlux Pool Party Game:

  • YOUR FAVORITE POOL GAMES NOW GLOW! Use this lightup game set to experience Sharks & Minnows, swimming games, pool rings, dive games, treasure hunts, swimming rings, and more with a new twist!
  • ALL AGES PLAY TOGETHER: For 2-12 players, ages 5+, this family friendly activity offers team and individual games to play at community swimming pools, on cruises, at hotel pools, you name it
  • ENCOURAGE YOUTH TO BE ACTIVE: Get kids and teens off their TVs, computers and phones! Climb off the inflatable, get in the water and have some fun with these glowing pool toy game pieces.
  • FEEL GOOD GIFT: Each kit includes 8 glow-in-the-dark waterproof game pieces, all batteries included and replaceable; a great alternative to floating basketball hoops, torpedo swim toys, inflatable slides
  • RELAX WHILE THE KIDS PLAY – With 12 game options, kids, teens and young adults will never get bored – the perfect outdoor activity and game set to keep youth active and entertained.
2-12 players, ages 5+  retails for $39.90, available on Starlux website and Amazon

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Next, we have the Protectors of the Rainbow

  • RACE TO RESTORE THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW: Search for glow-in-the-dark gems in this treasure hunt styled indoor and outdoor game
  • AGES 4+ FOR 2-7 PLAYERS: All ages play together – or use as a glowing night light
  • GAME INCLUDES: 1 cloud light that works as night light, 5 rainbow gems, all required batteries; does NOT include USB power plug
  • INSPIRE IMAGINATION: Players get creative by pretending to be unicorns, searching for the bright lights or as leprechauns by hiding the sparkling lights
  • UNIQUE GIFT IDEA: An exciting alternative to unicorn toys, dolls, stuffed animals, pillows or costumes

Ages: 4-10, Number of Players: 2-7, Batteries included? Yes and retails for $39.90, and is available on Starlux website

Last, we have the Capture the Flag Redux:

This game is one of my kid’s favorite games to play outdoors. We had so much fun running around that even the adults came aboard to play. Soon will be doing a backyard party for my oldest daughter, and the Capture The Flag Redux game will definitely be our go-to game to bring out first.
  • NEW WAY TO PLAY CAPTURE THE FLAG: Includes 25 light-up game pieces, 12+ hours of batteries, and 12 different ways to play!
  • AGES 8+ WITH 4-20 PLAYERS: All ages can play together — kids, teens & adults will enjoy this awesome icebreaker and game that develops teamwork, social skills and strategy! Instructions for game variations included.
  • EXCITING NIGHTTIME ACTIVITY: Put the phones, tablets and computers aside. Exercise becomes part of the fun as players run, hide and chase each other to win.
  • PLAYABLE ANYWHERE WITH SPACE TO RUN: A unique group game for schools (inside a gym with the lights off), youth organizations, leadership retreats, corporate retreats, sleepaway camps, summer camps, family reunions, sports teams and more.
  • COOL GIFT IDEA: An exciting alternative to laser tag, flashlight tag, light up LED balls, lawn games, even airsoft or paintball.

Ages: 8 to 65+, all ages play together, Number of Players: 4-20, Batteries included? Yes, and retails for $49.90

There you have it, Starlux cool games for your pool, and some outdoor fun play. Even if you don’t get them in time for Easter, you can always order these games for your Spring/Summer fun.


Visit the Stralux website today to see these games and much more and don’t forget to connect with Starlux via Facebook | Twitter | Instagram| and Pinterest




Disclosure: Night Helper Blog received sample products from the company below to showcase to our loyal readers. We’re disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.


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