4 Interesting Ways to Spice Up Friend and Social Nights at Home

The best way to show your friends you care is to spend time with them. You don’t have to do anything expensive or fancy to let someone know you care about them. And you don’t have to purchase expensive gifts like a silver cocktail shaker or season tickets to a national sporting event.

Inviting friends over for a fun-filled evening is all you need to do to make someone feel special. Below are 4 interesting ways to spice up friends and social nights at home.


  1. Give Back


When organizing a night at home with your friends, why not help the less fortunate at the same time? Organize a party around helping the homeless by filling tote bags with personal hygiene items and/or portable snacks.

Create an assembly line in your living room and assign each person a “station” to fill a bag. You can also have a place where there are nice note cards and colored pencils to write encouraging notes to add to the bags. Then deliver the bags to the nearest homeless shelter and feel good about your “helping others” party.


  1. Learn a Craft


If you or someone in your group of friends is an “expert” at a craft, have them share their talents with the rest of the group. You can host a scarf knitting party, a wine and painting party, or some other type of hands-on crafting party.

With this type of party, everyone enjoys themselves and then goes home with a new skill they can continue when they want. Hosting this type of party does not have to be expensive if you ask each guest to bring their own supplies.


  1. Host a Cooking Party


If your friends are like you, they are always pressed for time, which includes meal prep time. Gather up a couple of dinner time recipes and assign each friend one to share with the rest of the group.

You and each guest can demonstrate how to create each piece of the menu so that in the future, each person has a new dinner item they can turn to when in a pinch. Be sure to have several recipe cards or copies of the menu items on hand so your friends can bring them home with the cooked meals.


  1. Old-fashion Game Night

Remember when you were younger, and you would either stay up all night with your siblings or a group of friends and play board games until dawn? Wasn’t that fun? You and your friends can do that again and this time; you can drink alcoholic beverages if you want.

Invite your friends over for a slumber party style night and stay up late playing board games. This way you can play the larger, longer games like Monopoly and Life. Ask each guest to bring their favorite game to share and a sleeping bag for after the games.

Just because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. Inviting your friends over for a fun time can still be a priority, even if it is only once every few months. The fun is worth the wait.




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