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The Definitive Guide to Why Filtered Water Can Change Your Life for

Water is one of the essentials of life. We need water to hydrate our bodies amongst many other including cleaning, cooking, and so much more! And then there are those who just don’t care for water, whether it’s because of the taste or even because of the concern for what could be in the water.

Tap water is highly regulated and also regularly tested, but even with stringent rules and specific allowances for your tap water it still has chemicals that we may not want to ingest. These chemicals are typically the by-products of the water purification treatments.

Tap water is known to contain chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine. Tap water can also contain pollutants that can be hazardous at high levels, such as petrochemicals and pesticides, amongst other things.

Even with the regulations that accompany tap water, it can contain a lot of extra nonsense that you don’t want to use for drinking, cleaning, bathing, or cooking. So what are your alternative options to protect your household and give them the best quality water you can?


What Do Water Filters Do?

Water filters can be found in many stores and online mediums, but it’s important to know how your water filter is truly going to work and the benefits it can provide your water. Theberkey.com illustrates a vast array of water filters and their various benefits to find the best water filter for your household.

While tap water is regulated, the primary concern is to rid the water of microorganisms and pollutants that can make a person ill. The water is treated, but still may have bad flavor from the chemicals in the water and still most likely contains things you would rather not have on or in your body.

A water filter offers the highest form of water purification available. Water filters have been tested and proven to remove large amounts of impurities from the water. The systems are designed to primarily filter out carbon-based substances, which are the primary source of impurities in your tap water.

Water filters are designed to retain minerals such as calcium and zinc while removing the unwanted junk like mercury, lead, and pesticides. Water filtration systems also reduce the chlorine, which is one of the heaviest chemicals often found in tap water. Your water filter is bound to make your water taste much better and also be much healthier for you.

Why Not Just Use Bottled Water?

You might be thinking that you will just stick to bottled water, but ultimately that’s not a great decision either. While bottled water companies might suggest they are natural spring water or ultra-filtrated water, the heavy truth is that bottled water is not very highly regulated.

Bottled water companies are not subject to even the same level of regulation for their water as tap water is. Your bottled water could potentially even just be bottled tap water. Many bottled water brands are formed from filtered tap water to adjust the flavor of the water. Most bottled water is subject to the same standards as tap water.

Bottled water companies do not have to disclose their full ingredients and while they do have to do testing at production they do not have to share those tests with the consumer, which means you never really know what might be in your bottled water.

This evidence says that bottled water could potentially contain just as much, if not more, chemicals and pollutants than your standard local tap water does. The cost of bottled water could also quickly add up, making it an inefficient method of “clean” water.

What Are the Benefits of Filtered Water?

There are many reasons to change to filtered water for your household, the highest reason being the filtration of chemicals and hazardous pollutants out of your water. Because the water filter reduces the chlorine level of the water, your water is bound to taste better overall.

You use water for much more than just drinking as well. Even if you drink little to no water, there are multiple benefits for you in investing in a water filter. Studies show that during your shower, your body absorbs a significant amount of the chemicals in the water. A water filtration system would protect your skin and body from the harmful ingredients otherwise still in the water.

Water is also used for cooking and cleaning. The foods you cook are directly ingested into your body. While you may not be able to taste that water, you are still consuming the chemicals in the water. Cleaning is a similar concept – washing laundry and dishes subjects your household to the chemicals of tap water.

Filtered water maintains the minerals that are healthy for you, providing you with the best quality water you could possibly find. Investing in a water filtration system is a great way to look out for the health of your household.


If you’re curious about what could be in your tap water, your local entity is required to share testing results with the public. You might be able to find it on their local websites, but otherwise, you could request the information from your water provider.

Don’t underestimate the power of a water filter. The benefits to your health and the improvement of your water could make a significant difference. You might also be surprised at how much better your water tastes when the chemicals and pollutants are primarily filtered out of the water.

When you take the leap and invest in a water filter system, you are looking out for your household for generations to come and potentially protecting yourself and the members of your family from illness and disease that could be caused by tap water contaminants.

Be sure to perform proper upkeep and maintenance on your water filter for the best overall results. The water filter you select should provide information for proper care so that your water filter continues to work as intended for the long-term.



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