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6 Good Reasons for Everyone to Take Supplements

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We hear about supplements all the time lately. What do you really know about them though? Are they something you need in your life and if so, why? Here’s a quick look at some reasons why you do, in fact, need to be taking them.


For most of us in America, our diet isn’t typically rich in nutrients like organic ashwagandha. Our food tends to be loaded with things like additives, fat, salt, and sugar, lacking in good enzymes, hardly nutritious, not fresh or organic, and quite heavily processed. Even those foods that aren’t processed, like fish, poultry, and red meat, can be loaded with growth hormones, GMOs, and other substances that can be toxic. These types of things aren’t good for our bodies.


Many of us have trouble getting to sleep. Things like stress, anxiety, and even electronics can keep us from getting a good night’s rest. There are many prescription sleeping pills you can get or things like Tylenol PM and Benadryl that you can also take for sleep. These can be hard on the body though. Alternatively, you can take one of many supplements that can help you sleep naturally.

Toxic Overload

In today’s world, we need nutrients to detox us from all of the toxins that we come into contact with on a daily basis. The nutrients that we get from our diet just don’t cut it, especially when most of what we eat is a bit low in the nutrient department. A lot of our food itself is also loaded with toxins. You can get supplements that will help in the fight against the overwhelming amount of toxins that are in your environment.

Genetic Hybrids

Food producers have been making hybrid types of veggies and fruits for their shelf life, weight, and color. All of this makes their nutrient values much lower. What you might think is healthy and nutritious is in reality not very much more than water, sugar, and cellulose. We need to replace those missing nutrients since we’re effectively breeding the good nutrition out of our foods, and supplements are a good way to do that. Even oranges these days aren’t as nutritious. They tend to have more of the pith, which is the indigestible white fibrous mesh-like substance between the peel and the inside of the fruit, but they’re also lacking in the total mineral and vitamin content.

Soil Depletion

Commercial farming techniques combined with powerful fertilizers have greatly depleted the soil of crucial nutrients, and this is happening all around the planet. Because of this, nutritional values for vegetables and fruits today are significantly lower than what they were only 50 years ago. Soil is steadily losing nutrients that are necessary for proper nutrition and diet. Our foods are only as rich in nutrients as the soil in which they grow.

Water Depletion

Our water is also being depleted when it comes to minerals. This is because of the modern methods of production and the widespread use of water filters. Due to these things, critical minerals like magnesium are being removed from the water we drink. For thousands of years, we depended on water sources that were rich in nutrients for those minerals that are essential to our bodies. Today, we’re not getting enough of the nutrients we need on a daily basis from water.

There you have it. From our daily diet to sleeping, to toxic overload, genetic hybrids, and even soil depletion and water depletion, we just aren’t getting what we need from the things we take into our bodies. These reasons and more are why we need supplements in our lives.



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