Come Sail Away With Me To The Caribbean Islands Book Today With The Norwegian Cruise Line.

For years I’ve been fascinated  with visiting the Caribbean Islands! When my husband and I got married years back that was one of the places I had listed on my travel list. But as time flew by I never had the chance to visit, but, trust me its still listed on my list.

I’ve actually had my eyes on visiting Aruba!

Did you know that Aruba sits south of the hurricane belt just off the coast of Venezuela? I must be honest, I wasn’t aware as to where exactly Aruba was.  However, I do know many have said not only is this a beautiful romantic place to visit, it is almost guaranteed you’ll enjoy nothing but beautiful sunny weather all while your there!

So obtaining a suntan will be without a hassle that’s for sure. I’ve also heard that the island only gets 20 inches of rain per year and is famous for its winds, but yet every traveler I know still swears by the heat and the islands comfort even with the wild winds!

With so many beautiful luxury resorts I’m sure our trip advisor will find us a good deal especially since its the Caribbeans. Summer is off season, and many say you can find some great price deals during that season! I might be looking to visit Aruba during the winter season since I’ve never traveled during that time of year to any place let alone a beautiful island.

I do know the Hyatt and Ritz are among the list of hotels in the Aruba, but to be honest I’m excited to see the beach. I’ve heard that Aruba water is so blue and clear that you can actually see the fish and underwater plants because of how clear the water is. You can even swim with the dolphins and stingrays!  I remember my friend Betty sharing a few pictures of her in the water snorkeling and WOW, her images were outstanding and the water was so blue and clear.

Actually Aruba should be listed on everyone’s bucket list after all, who wouldn’t want to visit Aruba or for that matter any of the Caribbean Islands. If you wish not to visit Aruba, that’s OK too, since you have so many beautiful Caribbean Islands you can select from like:

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Falmouth, Jamaica
Grand Cayman
Bay Island, Honduras

But hold on to your seat because now you can cruise to any of those beautiful islands by booking with the Norwegian Cruise Line. Yes, that’s right, you can now book your trip to any destination via Norwegian Cruise Line.

You can choose from twelve ships, including Norwegian Getaway, Norwegian Escape, and their newest ship to come Norwegian Bliss, seven convenient departure ports, and itineraries that offer island time in paradise for Southern, Eastern and Western Caribbean Cruises.


So what do you think, are you ready to sail away with me on one of the Norwegian Cruise Lines to one of the Caribbean Islands?


Disclosure: This is a sponsor post on behalf of the Cruise Norwegian #Partner.


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19 thoughts on “Come Sail Away With Me To The Caribbean Islands Book Today With The Norwegian Cruise Line.

  • personally going on a cruise is the best vacation ever,,everything in one package,,i love cruising

  • Wow, this would be SO much fun! I’d love to do that!

  • I have never been on a cruise but hope to someday, they look awesome

  • Aww I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise trip!

  • This sounds like a dream trip! The warm tropical breezes and the gorgeous country would be on my list to visit.

  • That would be an awesome trip!

  • I have never been on a cruise, but love to go on a Disney Cruise Line.

  • Looks like a beautiful ship

  • I have never been on a cruise, but those views just look amazing.

  • A cruise is on our bucket list. We almost went this past summer and then chose Ireland, so a cruise is next.

  • We want to travel on one of their ships so bad. We’re looking at Alaska cruises – I think those would be a lot of fun.

  • Aruba sounds like heaven! I love traveling, but haven’t spent enough time exploring the Caribbean. Hope to book a cruise soon!

    • You and me both Crystal, I hope to book this year!

  • I have never been on a cruise before, but this looks amazing! I would love to visit Aruba, and have a drink in my hands and my feet in the sand!

    • Yes, Aruba looks like a beautiful island to visit. I’ll take that drink and feet in the!

  • I so have the song that says, “Come sail away” in it stuck in my head. I love the idea of sailing away to a beautiful, warmer location.

    • LOL Brandy, that song is what inspired me when I wrote “Come sail away” in title. I love that song also!


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