8 Great Ways of Getting Kids into Good Habits.

It is much easier to prevent a habit forming in the first place than it is to break it. So, as a parent, that is why it is so important that you get your kids into good habits from the earliest possible opportunity. Of course, kids tend to emulate the behavior that they see in their elders, so you really do need to practice what you preach. And rewards are a great way of reinforcing the behavior that you want your kids to continue with. So, here are eight, great habits that you can teach your kids.

Encourage Family Bonding

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In today’s world where it is so easy for kids to have too much screen time, family bonding is something that can be very difficult to encourage. So, you should make sure that you set aside time on a daily basis when you can all interact together. The most obvious one is mealtimes, but you need to make sure you are consistent with these on a daily basis. Once you let kids watch TV while they are eating once, it may be trickier to go back to your old ways.

Set Strong Ground Rules

‘Kids need boundaries’. This may well be an expression that you have heard a million times before, but that doesn’t make it any less true. This becomes especially important after he or she has started school when they should have more fixed times to do their homework, play outdoors and watch TV, play video games etc. You should also get them into the habit of taking responsibility for certain chores around the house.

Provide Rewards

The reward system for kids can be a very powerful one, but you should make sure to use it in the most effective way possible. While sometimes it is okay to use material things as rewards, you should also be aiming to reward them with experiences as these are what will last long in the memory. Remember, a reward should always be something given for good behavior and not simply to prevent further bad behavior!

Good Manners Cost Nothing

As soon as your kids start talking, this is the perfect opportunity to teach them about good manners. After all, it is easy enough to instill basic phrases like ‘thank you’ ‘sorry’ and ‘you’re welcome’. And then there are good table manners, which can be very difficult to teach kids at first, but they are something that are worth pursuing. Going back to the point we talked about at the start, it is easier to teach a good habit than to break a bad one.

Manage Pocket Money

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An essential good habit to teach your kids is money management, and one of the most effective ways to do this is with pocket money. So, choose a fixed amount to give them every month and encourage them to save for the things that they want to buy. You could ask them to complete certain chores in order to get their money as a way of teaching them about the value of work. When your kids are a little older, you get help them set up a bank account and encourage them to put their money away in there.

Appreciate Their Achievements

When your child does something that they are proud of, you should clearly show that you feel the same way. For example, they may have done particularly well in school. In this way, you are helping them to get into the good habit of trying hard at school. They may have drawn a picture of written a story, and by praising them, you are encouraging them to show off their creative side.

Encourage Them to Speak and Express Feelings

Rather than not letting your kids express themselves, you should encourage them to talk about what is on their minds. Try to see things from their point of view, and talk to them fully about the way that they are feeling. Letting them make decisions around the home or about the leisure activities that you enjoy together is a great way of encouraging them to have their own sense of independence.

Help Them with Hobbies

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Having hobbies is one of the traits of a well-rounded person, so you should encourage your kids to find their passions and take part in the hobbies that they care about. You may have to try out a number of different activities until they settle on the one they love most, but this is always going to be time worth taking.


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