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HealthKeeperz Gives Faith-Based Families an In-Home Health Care Option

More than 4 billion people enjoyed the benefits of home health care in the United States in 2017, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But that was several years ago, and since that time, millions of baby boomers have gotten older. In fact, by 2030, every baby boomer in America will be 65 years old or older. Most need at least some form of health care, and many need care for acute or chronic conditions, including heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. Those who have the privilege of recovering or receiving comfortable care at home may be among the most fortunate, which is why the team at HealthKeeperz of North Carolina considers it their mission to provide in-home faith-based health care to members of the Christian faith.

Why Choose Faith-Based Home Care?

Faith-based home health care may not be a viable solution for every family, but for those who find joy and comfort in God’s word, it’s ideal. Patients who practice Christianity have learned to lean on God in times of distress — and having a care provider who shares that view can be immensely comforting. Unlike more secular in-home health care organizations, HealthKeeperz and agencies like them have no qualms about praying with their patients, sharing Scripture, or participating in religious discussions. The caregivers who come into your loved one’s home may share their ideas on the afterlife, and they’re often a great source of comfort to those in palliative or hospice care programs. Research shows that 66% of people who attend church regularly do so to find comfort in times of trouble or sorrow. Having a primary caregiver who shares those feelings can be very uplifting.

Benefits of Christian-Based Home Health Care

Patients who practice Christianity may find solace in the fellowship of like-minded people, which is why attending church is often an important part of their routine. But for those who struggle with the chronic illnesses or injuries that often accompany normal aging, attending weekly church services may not be feasible. Having an in-home health care provider they can talk to, who shares their same values and beliefs, may actually help expedite healing. At the very least, it provides comfort and companionship — two elements that are often crucial to recovery.

If your loved one requires in-home health care, partnering with a faith-based organization such as HealthKeeperz could be the right decision.

Is Faith-Based Care Right for Your Family?

Ultimately, the decision of whom to choose for your loved one’s home health care should be made by you and your loved one together. However, if Christianity factors into the equation, you may want to consider the benefits of finding a care provider who shares the same values. Your in-home care provider will spend a good deal of time with your loved one, and they may help with tasks such as medication, therapy, wound care, or daily living. If they can also nurture a spiritual relationship, this may be a wonderful source of comfort, especially when providing end-of-life services. Agencies such as HealthKeeperz may be able to help.



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