Classy Luxury Cars: Pros & Cons

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If there’s one thing that most people can agree on, it’s that classic cars have got style. Sure, these classics might not have all the modern conveniences and gadgetry that one might expect from modern cars, but classic cars more than make up for this by showcasing stunning aesthetics that just can’t be beaten. Modern cars might be showier, more aerodynamic, and more technologically advanced, but classic cars can still hold their own.

If you’ve ever thought about abandoning the pursuit of a modern car and instead turning to the classic market, then you’re not alone. However, such a purchase is one that you need to think about in great depth— starting with an examination of the pros and cons…

PRO: It’s a classic car

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If you opt for a classic car, then the immediate benefit is right there in the fact that it’s a classic car. While there have been some truly terrible looking cars over the years, the ones that have survived to attain “classic” status tend to be some of the best-looking cars ever built. Classic cars have a unique style and character that sleek modern cars just can’t replicate, and you’ll likely feel a frisson of enjoyment every time you see your classic car and remember that it’s yours.

Many of us develop emotional attachments to our cars, and while the look and feel of a car isn’t the most practical of reasons to choose one, it should nevertheless be a factor in the decision-making process.

CON: It’s a used car

Unless you managed to stumble across a car that’s been held in a time capsule, you are going to have to battle with the fact that all classic cars are used cars— and that can pose a few problems.

There are ways and means of negotiating some of the issues you will experience when you’re buying, or owning, a used car. You can make up for the lack of a manufacturer’s warranty by researching the best used car warranty companies and making a policy purchase that suits your needs. You can deep clean a car so it looks brand new even if it’s fifty years old, and you can dedicate yourself to upkeep and maintenance that helps to keep your classic car running as smoothly as possible.

However, none of the above solve the simple fact that the vehicle you will own — the vehicle you will rely on for transport — is likely older than you. For some people, as much as they love classic cars, this fact is a dealbreaker.

PRO: It’s lasted this long!


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However, it is worth remembering that if a car has lasted, in a roadworthy condition, for upwards of 50 years, there’s probably a reason for that. Cars do not have an expiration date, and with the right maintenance, there’s no genuine, mechanical reason why you can’t keep an older car running just as well as you can a modern one.

CON: The environmental concerns

One of the major downsides of classic luxury cars is that they weren’t necessarily built with the same considerations modern cars are. Primarily, this issue impacts their emissions. Older cars tend to be dirtier cars, which is bad news if you’re concerned about the impact of your driving habit on the environment.

However, it is worth remembering that your classic car will still have to pass modern emissions tests. So while it might not be the cleanest running vehicle in the world, it won’t be the worst either.

PRO: The authentic feel of driving


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Driving a modern car is increasingly like doing very little but sitting behind the wheel— and, of course, the hope is that in future, drivers won’t even have to pay attention to the road. The possibility of self-driving cars in the future, and all the high-tech “driver assistance” available in current vehicles, does somewhat divorce you from the feeling of driving.

Classic cars don’t have this problem. They are more simplistic mechanisms; they don’t rely on electronics, touchscreens, and a thousand and one sensors dotted throughout the design. As a result, driving a classic car will really feel like you’re driving it, and this is a sensation that many people find genuinely thrilling each and every time they experience it.

In conclusion

Hopefully the above will help you decide whether a classic car is the right choice for you. Remember: there are no right or wrong answers on this decision— go with what works for you, and your lifestyle, and you won’t go far wrong.


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