Confronting Your Teen About Drugs and Alcohol.

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In today’s modern age, parents can never take their child’s well-being for granted. With the increasing amount of bad influences from inappropriate media and other teens, parents need to be sure their child understands the implications of drug and alcohol abuse. This topic may be difficult for some parents, as no one wants to admit their child may have a problem like this. However, it is imperative that your child understands the consequences of troubles with drugs and alcohol.

The easiest way to understand the problems your teens face with drug and alcohol pressures is to simply educate yourself with the many free online resources provided. Many non-profit and government organizations have a wealth of free information regarding different drugs, their effects on your child, and how to recognize the signs of drug abuse. Parenting teenagers may be difficult, but with the tools at your disposal, it is far from impossible.

Knowing the warning signs of drug addiction and abuse can be the difference between catching your teens drug habit early, and never catching it at all. Warning signs differ from drug to drug, but the warning signs of alcohol abuse are quite standard. If you notice your teen acting in a strange way, including trouble walking, slurring words, having bloodshot eyes, or suddenly vomiting, these may be warning signs of alcohol abuse. Confront your teen immediately, and ask them what is causing the strange behavior. If you notice the smell of alcohol on them, or if they shy away from the subject, they may be abusing alcohol.

As drugs have different side effects depending upon what type of drug is consumed, it can be hard for parents to notice warning signs in their teens. Key warning signs to watch out for include slurred speech, unnatural smells on their clothing, insomnia, glazed eyes, lethargy, and sudden outburst of laughter. If you notice any of these warning signs, be prepared to confront your teen about them. Be direct and honest. Insist that your teen look you straight in the eyes as they answer your questions. If you believe your teen is attempting to hide something from you, it may be time to seek outside help.

It is always good practice for parents to practice a level of caution when confronting their teen. The symptoms of drug abuse are wide and vary greatly. It is possible that your teen may simply be ill, and could be exhibiting symptoms of a cold, the flu, or a migraine. If your teen is accused and punished for drug abuse, when in reality they were simply sick, it could damage the relationship between you and your child unnecessarily.

One of the easiest ways you can tell if your teen is abusing alcohol or drugs is to purchase a drug testing kit from a local drug store. There is a wide range of tests you can purchase, ranging from professional lab panels, which employers utilize, to less expensive drug tests designed for parents like yourself. These tests are a valuable tool for any parent that suspects their teen may be abusing drugs.

If it is revealed that your teen has been abusing drugs or alcohol, it may be time to consider having an intervention. An intervention is an excellent tool to show your teen how much you care about them and to better educate them on what their drug abuse is doing to their body and their family. Drug abuse affects not only the abuser but also the abusers family and friends. Letting them see the damage that they are causing to their loved ones can be the first step to recovery for your addicted teen.



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