Essential Things To Know Before Beginning Your Sewing Project

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Any sewing project looks fascinating to the eyes. The process of putting the fabric under the sewing machine, the sound that the sewing machine makes, the outcomes, and everything else together make this procedure look so effortless. But in reality, it is not so easy as it seems. Sewing requires a lot of homework and practice. 

Before you start your sewing project, you need to educate yourself about various things. From selecting the right kind of machine to knowing about different fabrics and everything in between, every sewing project requires preparation. 

If you are beginning your first sewing project, here are some essential things to know: 

Learn about different types of fabrics: 

As you start exploring the market to buy your fabric, you will come across thousands of options. Do some research on the fabric that you are going to use for your first sewing project. 

Do not dive into the process without learning its basics. Learning about the fabric will help you decide the right design or style, choose the right accessories, and sewing the right pattern. Some of the most common fabric options are cotton, polyester, velvet, jute, georgettes, chiffon, crepe, synthetic, etc. 

Know about the supplies: 

Once you have gathered enough information about the different kinds of fabrics, the next step involves knowing about the sewing supplies. It is because of the sewing supplies you can complete your first sewing project. Hence, it is essential to choose the right accessories or supplies for the best use. 

You need to invest in a good-quality sewing machine that ensures a warranty and long-term use. The other sewing essentials include scissors, pins, seam ripper, measuring tape, bobbins, thread, sewing machine needles, elastic, zippers, bias tape, chalk pencil, Velcro, and many others. You can buy these sewing supplies from offline or online stores. Online sewing supplies promise quality and are value for money. 

Pre-wash the fabric: 

Before beginning your sewing project, you must pre-wash the fabric. Pre-washing the fabric prepares it for future use. Many times, the fabric you buy turns out to be dirty, stained, or smelly. Pre-washing it before sewing cleans away these stains and ensures that you are working on a neat and clean cloth. 

After you have washed the fabric using a fabric wash and conditioner, the next step includes pressing the same. Iron it properly to get rid of the creases and wrinkles. Ensure that your iron is in the right temperature setting, or else it will burn the fabric.

Prepare the pattern and layout: 

Preparing the layout is a vital step of your sewing project. Find your grain and then line up the selvages. Lay your fabric in free space so that you can freely work on it. You can prepare the layout according to the type of fabric. 

Likewise, prepare the pattern according to fabric type. Ensure that you know the proper size before cutting anything. Note all the essential markings and notches so that you don’t confuse yourself with the size or cutting. Marking the details makes things easier for you. 

Get going: 

Once everything is set and prepared, it’s time to start your sewing machine and get going with the process of stitching. Always be meticulous while using the machine. Do not rush and work in peace. Do not harm yourself while using the stitching supplies. 


Apart from the instructions listed above, it is equally essential to keep things organized. It may be hard but try your best to keep everything in place to avoid panicky moments. You can also prepare handwritten notes about your sewing project. Follow these instructions and make the best design. Good luck. 


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