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7 House Cleaning Hacks for the Lazy Housekeeper

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Is your house really messy? Are you feeling too sluggish to get up and do all those chores but still really need to get on with them? Well, you have come to the right place as I am here to give you some awesome tips to help you out. Follow these tips from Glimmr house cleaning and you can complete chores of yours with hardly breaking a sweat.


Cleaning the Stained Sink

Are you facing a sink that is all stained up and dirty? Thinking about spending some money and getting some chemicals? Well, think again. You can easily clean that sink using just a lemon. Take half of it and rub it on the stains. The acid of the lemon will take care of the rest and you will get a sink that looks shiny and brand new.

Get some help!

For the busy professional or working parent, housekeeping can be a daunting task. There never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, let alone keeping the house clean. This is where a cleaning service like Rain City Maids of Lynnwood can be a lifesaver. A cleaning service can take care of all the little details that can quickly add up, freeing up your time to focus on other things. Move-in and move-out cleanings are especially helpful when you’re getting settled into a new home or preparing to put your home on the market. And for those who simply don’t enjoy cleaning, a cleaning service can be a great solution. With a professional doing the work, all you have to do is sit back and relax.

Hack the Microwave 

Do you have those smuts and cooked food stuck in your microwave? Here’s a trick you can use to clean your dirty microwave. Take a microwave-safe bowl with water and some lemon slices. Put the slices in the bowl and let them boil in the microwave. The steam it generates will work on those grimes and got and loosen them up. Now you can scrub them up really easily in no time.

Wax On!

Tired of dusting and scrubbing the surfaces of the furniture? You can really bypass the effort with some wax papers. Find the places that attract dust and stick wax papers on. The dust will now no more affect the furniture surface but stick to the paper. When it is time to clean just take the dirty paper off, throw it into the garbage and stick a new wax paper on.

Shine the Toilet

Feeling tired to clean that dirty toilet. You can do it very easily if you have some carbonated beverage at your disposal! take the bottle and pour it on the toilet and wait for about half an hour. Wash it and voilà! You got yourself a brand new super shiny toilet.

Spills in Fridge

Do you often get foods spilled inside your fridge? It is quite troubling to clean that up. To make things easier, you can cover up the trays inside your fridge with plastic wraps. Next time if you find any food spilling, simply remove the plastic wrap, dispose of it and stick a new one to use.

Avoiding Clothes Pressing

Wrinkled clothes are not so soothing to look at. Nor do they feel comfortable. But pressing clothes regularly can be hefty. So, take your clothes after the laundry and hang them opposite your shower. The steam from your shower will remove those wrinkles and save you from the trouble of pressing.

Blade Cleaner

Got dust stuck to your fan blades? You can easily clean them even if you do not have a high-tech cleaning tool. You can simply use a pillow for the case. Slip the pillow over the blades and it will attract all the dust leaving a clean blade behind. You can do it to clean both sides of the blade. It will not only save your time but also save you from the dust falling upon you.


House chores can be very hefty if you are not such a big fan of them. But you can use these clever hacks to make your work super quick and effortless. So why don’t you try and find out how easily you can do the chores.


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