Electric Scooter Buying Guide

The number of modes of transport is huge.  One of them is an electric scooter. If you are thinking about such a purchase, it is worth finding out the features of this peculiar kind of transportation and selection criteria. Maybe you’re a scooter owner who’s looking for a fun new way of traveling to work, nearest park or casino (maybe you aren’t fan of online entertainment and online casinos like!) Or maybe you just like the idea of being propelled along by a battery and motor without having to do the hard work. Whatever your situation, an electric scooter, or e-scooter, will be right up your street, and here’s our guide to choosing the right one.

An electric scooter outwardly resembles an ordinary mechanical scooter, driven by pushing off the support with the feet. The design also includes two wheels, a sole, a steering rack with handles, and a metal frame. But the main part that ensures the movement of the electric scooter is the electric motor, powered by a battery. What kind of electric scooters are there? If you take the motor device and the principle of setting the device in motion as the basis of classification, you can distinguish two types:


Electric scooters with chain drive

In such a model, the motor is connected to the wheel by a chain, which after the start of the engine transmits torque to the wheel, making it rotate and move the electric scooter. The same principle is based on the work of electrically powered bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles. Devices of this type are considered the most powerful.

Belt-driven electric scooters

According to the principle of propulsion, these models are similar to the first, but the chain in the design is replaced by a belt, which often shortens the service life and reduces reliability due to the risk of rupture of the part that transmits torque to the wheel.

Electric scooters with a motorized wheel

The electric motor is built directly into the wheel, sometimes one motor is provided in each wheel, which increases the speed. Models of this type are more reliable, as they do not have a chain that can break. The weight of electric scooters is lighter, but the price is higher.

Tips on how to choose an electric scooter

When choosing it is worth determining for whom and for what purposes the device is purchased. So, if the model is intended for a child, it should have the appropriate size and be as reliable and convenient in operation as possible. For entertainment purposes, choose simple medium-price category models without new-fangled “tricks” and add-ons. And if you plan to ride an electric scooter constantly and replace the vehicle, then choose a reliable and convenient option, equipped with useful features. The most basic selection criteria are discussed below.

Type of drive 

As mentioned above, there are electric scooters with chain and belt motors, as well as wheel motors. The second option is more reliable and better, but it costs more. Another plus is the relatively quiet operation of such a motor.

An important characteristic of the motor is its power: the higher it is, the greater the speed of the device can develop. But it should be remembered that a powerful motor is heavier and increases the weight of the structure. The nominal power output ranges from 100 to 1000 W. But if you do not plan to participate in competitions or engage in extreme riding, the power of 350-400 W is quite enough for a speed of 30-40 km.


The battery is the main and only source of energy on which the scooter works, so this detail is extremely important. First of all, it is worth considering two varieties:

The first type is lead batteries. They have been used in electronics for a long time, but gradually become obsolete and are replaced, as they have a large mass, insignificant capacity, and small resources.

The second type is lithium batteries, which are superior to lead batteries in almost all parameters. Firstly, they are lighter, secondly, they have good capacity and reserve. Such batteries are currently used in cell phones and other gadgets, laptops, and electric cars.

When choosing the battery, it is worth paying attention to its capacity, which characterizes the duration of work without recharging. This indicator is measured in Wh (watt-hours). To understand how much the electric scooter can travel on a single charge, the capacity of its battery should be divided by 10. For example, if the characteristics indicate 240 Wh, then you can travel 24 km at an average speed (the faster the ride, the faster the charge runs out).

Types of wheels

The first thing you need to pay attention to is the size of the wheels. It ranges from 3-4 inches (about 10 cm) to 12-14 (about 35 cm). The bigger the wheels, the softer the ride on different surfaces, the better the maneuverability. But the weight inevitably increases. The average figure is 8-10 inches.

The wheels are always rubber but can be cast or pneumatic. The first are not inflated and have a homogeneous, dense, and somewhat elastic structure. They are unrealistic to puncture and severely damage, but they are heavier and firmer, because of which it is worse to neutralize the vibrations arising during the ride.

Pneumatic wheels are inflatable, lighter, and softer, providing shock absorption, especially when riding over bumps. But such wheels can be punctured by a piece of glass or a sharp stone, which will require replacement. The choice depends on the peculiarities of use: if the electric scooter is planned to be used for traveling on different surfaces, including uneven ones, pneumatic wheels are preferable. For riding on smooth asphalt, cast wheels are also suitable. Once you know what to consider when choosing an electric scooter, it’s much easier to find the perfect model that is best for your needs.


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